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Some details on food management, tips & tricks to tackle this in advance in Aquatico, the underwater city builder.

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Aquatico Spotlight

Today we'll post another short dev video explaining, this time, some details on food requirements, potential challenges and best ways of handling it.

Food production in Aquatico is among the few things that are existentially important for your colony and your citizens. Being underwater, they will initially rely on specific nutritional resources found on the sea floor, but as time goes on you will secure ways to produce more and more different types of food, including some typical for conditions on the surface of the planet.

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In general, there are three things you'll have to manage regarding food, and that goes for the entire game:

  1. Food quantity
  2. Food variety
  3. Securing all food tiers

In early game, sheer quantity will be sufficient. Your people aren't demanding too much, so simple gathering buildings should do the trick and get them whatever is necessary for surviving.

In mid game, your people will start seeking more different types of food resources, but still from the same food tier (call it food complexity or "fanciness"). That is indicated by "food variety" info at the end of each food tier datasheet. In this stage you'll have to start producing different types of food resources yourself. Open access to more advanced food productions and buildings by researching various tech related to farms and mariculture.

AQ DevDiary2 2

In late game, your people will, for happiness and health reasons, require multiple different food types from all food tiers, so expect to already have tuna cages, greenhouses and buildings for manufacturing specific highly advanced food types (lobsters, sushi etc...)

Demands from people will increase gradually, as you advance through the tech tree and as your population grows. Basic food amount must be met in order to sustain your colony. Later, once you start getting notifications for the lack of food diversity, happiness will start to decrease, but you'll have plenty of time to set up the needed production, or simply buy the missing resources via trade.

Stay safe and watch your oxygen levels!

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