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Ok, I open my email today and see I got something titled mod of the year from moddb. It would seem its that time of year again where mods fight it out for awards. I've never paid much attention to this mod of the year stuff, I make TK simply for my own enjoyment and to make SoC the game it should of been - that said though if you enjoy playing TK and want to vote for it then by all means go ahead. I'm just saying MOTY is something I don't pay attention to because I let the quality of TK speak for itself.

Progress for TK continues to push forward, every last bit of performance and quality has now been eeked out of X-Ray, so myself and another modder have embarked on a little project we call the Finite Engine. In a nutshell this little project builds upon X-Ray through clever shader optimisations / tricks and elaborate hacks. It has allowed X-Ray to what we now call the Finite Engine to evolve to support such features as wet surfaces, sunshafts (of which you can see demo screenshots in the screenshots section), truly dynamic particle based fog, advanced realistic lighting (by which I mean it looks realistic, not simply bloom or HDR over cooked) among other smaller touches which are still in development. At this time there is no release date but we might be able to get a public preview build of one or two of the new features ready in the next 2-3 weeks. As with TK you can expect the Finite Engine to push the boundaries of what your system can handle and look as gorgeous as the engine is capable of at the same time. As features become ready for demonstration I will try to make videos to show people what to expect.

In the near future you can look forward to a TK2.Zero build 3-10-12 update adding optimised particle driven dynamic fog, but be warned - such features are not meant for "lightweight" PCs, the effect will look stunning and run well on mid-level overclocked hardware and better but will stomp hard on any system below that bar. I'm also going to try and make a few general videos of TK to show off the vast graphical improvements, so you have some stuff to look forward to in the upcoming weeks ;)

As ever, keep your heads behind cover fellow Stalkers and your ear close to the ground.


Thanks for the up-date, this mod seems to be pushing a lot of boundaries with regard to the X-Ray, what you modestly describe as "this little project" would appear to me as an understatement, good luck and look forward to seeing the results.

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ketxxx Author

Thanks :) Hopefully I'll have the fog finished soon. Once it is I'll upload a video for it.

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