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A weekly dev report and workflow sharing of Orchard (hometown) making, technical-wise.

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Back on me, Laz again. Continuing the last post about the Orchard, I will cover more on Orchard development. That’s what I currently been doing this week too (except rather than the maps, I work more on narrative and NPC–both graphics and “programming” implementation)

By “programming” I’m referring to creating events with Fungus (what do they say and how they move, how certain event follows to another), then also decide on the position they will appear in, on what timeline, and in what state.


This is what Rico’s NPC scheduler looks like:


Before that I plan the timeline and event dialogues on FreeMind (a freeware program for flowchart making, very useful and light! except it’s old looking and I had to change the background to dark mode to prevent tired eyes.) thanks to @mojikenstudio to let me know this badass tool.


It really helped me to see overall story before go straight to implementing which is pretty tiresome to revise later. Also helped me to restrain myself to go overboard with detailed events while the others are neglected because my stamina has depleted. I’m still doing that unconsciously by the way.


This is a screen capture before it was gone complicated like now haha (still using default background). Before I found this I used google docs and I find it way too linear(?) and hard to review.

Haha, looking too nerdy? Right, let’s have a map making steps instead.


I guess it’s enough for this week, gotta save topics for next log haha.

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See you next week!

~ Lazcht

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