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Anuchard's devlog 11 covers about the making the hometown village, called "the Orchard".

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Yo! I'm Laz, the artist for this project. This is my first devlog here in indieDB but I'm not gonna get started from devlog 1, so if you're interested on reading previous ones, you can jump from there:

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also I'm updating this mini devlog per Saturday, hopefully I can go repost it here every week, but let's see.


Having good weekend? Honestly this week wasn’t really good for Anuchard because:




Good grief, sun’s heat was so OP past days. Some folks at Java Island (Indonesia) reported to experience similar condition. But currently the temperature is getting better because it’s been raining randomly.

Well since I still have lot of stuff I haven’t posted here, now I’m going to share early version of Orchard (whole):


Here is my first attempt on the Orchard map, as you can see, I didn’t plan to have lot of map set for the hometown, I thought it’s gonna be a small island with 1-2 tents, and that’s connected to the dungeon.

I didn’t want a real top down city map because it would look boring and all houses will face downwards. I did try to recreate this concept art–


–into a tile-based map, this is how it looks like, haha. Messy huh?


…but then frustratingly, I decided to move on to a non-tile based pixel art map…


–which is lot less-frustrating on the creation process, but still unable to pull it. This version of Orchard looks too small and cramped. Therefore I thought of dividing the Orchard into several set of maps will be good idea (also I believe will improve player’s experience).


But instead of going for all handcrafted-pixelwork, my next attempt, is converting digital painting into pixel art (mostly uses posterize filter + TONS of manual render).


But as I covered in previous post, some of the objects are modular, so yeah current version is pretty much convenient.

Note that all of above’s work are not finished assets. Still loads of endless work for me!! SHIT. (but let’s try to enjoy that!)

Wow it’s quite long for a minidevlog. Peace out.

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useful links:

See you next week!

~ Lazcht

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