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Announcing my personal project on Indie DB. You can download the alpha now!

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I'm finally showing my project live on Indiedb. Project Invaders is a working title and I'll change it as soon as I've made my final decision on the name. I've been working on this project for a while and the main goal has been to create a casual friendly shoot em up game that takes elements from the classics with my own spin to it.

If you've ever played Space Invaders, Galaga or games like R-Type, this game has thing or two in store for you. It has an upgrades system where you can improve your weapons. When designing the bosses, I've always thought about the Megaman X games and used it as reference for some of the bosses. It also has a crafting system where you can unlock new guns. My goal is to make every gun feel unique so they would fire differently and have different uses. A gun for every situation basically.

This game is a work in progress. I'm posting this here just so it's out there while in development, so that people who are interested can follow it and see it progress while more content gets added into it. That being said, there is already playable content in the current build:

  • 4 zones (31 missions)
  • 6 unique boss battles
  • 6 unique weapons (5 unlockable)

You can give it a try the alpha version now and download it for Windows and Android! And if you do please tell me what you think and give suggestions. I am a one man team, so updates will take a while to roll in since I can only work on it so long as I have free time. I'm quite new to the indie scene so I'm here to learn what it takes to be successful in it.

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