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I going to make an update to remove any bugs in mod. (Doesn't include Geonosian bugs)

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I decided to make an update to the mod to remove any bugs in the mod that prevent the mod from working or other problems. The thing is I don't know of the all bugs currently in mod, so leave a comment on anything you know of.

DO NOT leave the comment on the main page!!!! Click on this news post and then comment.

I know of at least three bugs so far. The Trandosha map problem, the Iron Hammer, and Galen Marek.

I will also include some new icons and maybe the new galaxy map.

Two examples of some things I've worked on.

Nova, Ore, and Carbon crystals

Some new planet models

eagleeye4 - - 34 comments

so for some reason game keeps crashing on mandolore and when i was about to fight what looked like starkiller. these are the only ones i have found so far i really like this mod alot if i find more ill put them down for you thank you

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RCsevrocks - - 90 comments

My problem is the icon issue. The icons do not show up properly making the game unplayable.

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Darth_Weasel - - 426 comments

have you tried the icon fix? it's in the downloads.

here's a link.

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Darth_Weasel - - 426 comments

droid empire can only get lvl 3 space station in galactic conquest.

empire plex soldiors break up into unusable single units when they go out of a bunker. also their mine ability doesn't work.

rebel infantry (don't remember if you moved them back into squads or not) when landing on a planet several infantry have a tendency to get stuck beneath the map. also wookies and pirates cannot shoot.

empire will take several ssd's into the battlefield at once all on the same point (so 5 ssd's look like one). absolutely annihilates everything regardless of what you have as a defense. no way to kill them conventionally. (not really a bug just a huge balance issue)

starkillar is usable by the rebel AI.

bringing in a munificent star frigate in skirmish or galactic conquest causes an exception error.

In skirmish there are many doubles of units on both space station and research station.

i think there are more ive found but i can't remember at the moment.

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Darth_Weasel - - 426 comments

droid dual heavy laser turrets(ground combat) will not shoot

dark trooper phase 0 gets stuck in jet pack mode when he uses his jet pack ability

crix madine's bombard ability does nothing

establishing the new republic does absolutely nothing. no new units or hero like it says it's supposed to do.

x-wings and tie fighters (ground combat) have an excessive difficulty attacking ground targets. they fly around in circles and rarely shoot.

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Admiral-Ash Author
Admiral-Ash - - 1,809 comments

Madine's bombardment takes a few tries to get it to work. I don't know much else about it, mostly cause I don't know a lot about LUA script.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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Khanti - - 452 comments

If that is a bug so: IG-88A on land is a vehicle. Other IG-88 are droids. So they need different repair stations. Strange.

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