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Yes, in short, everything is OK, however... there is always a bad one (i'll tell you in the end of the news)

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Ahh, i said a little amount of things.

Well, by a little amount, i mean a little AMOUNT, not a few things.

Umm, the training room's first level is mostly complete, i only need to make it look more alive.

And from the coding side, at the time of writing i have 10 errors, but before that, i had 22. So yes i am deleting some faulty code which doesn't work. They're mostly sintax errors, and some undeclared things, like the j letter, pOther, and so on... Luckily i removed the fatal error.

Yeah, the coop_mission1 is going fine, however i will have to do some adjustments, especially on the skill.cfg. Why? It's too easy to complete, and it's planned to be multiplayer after all! I mean, there's no point in killing a grunt with 2 bullets, while there are 2-8 players, and with that said, they can clean a room in seconds, so i will add some balance to it.

And i just started working on more music, although most of the people come here for the mod itself.

There will be a new DM level, called mdm_maze. Yes, it's a new gamemode with special triggers, like chests in dead ends, but you will get a weapon only if you're lucky enough to avoid the traps, muahahahaa.

And if anyone is reading this part, please, but please, give me ideas, i accept almost everything (except a** and p**** related things, and MLG things, i hate that).

And now for the bad news, the summer goes away very quickly, so i hope everybody from 6-year olds to 17-year olds know what i'm talking about, and if you don't, read this below:


Yes, and when it starts, my mod's development, will cease a bit. I will still work on it, though.

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