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New structures, vehicles, aircrafts and specialpowers are finally arrived.

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Hi everybody, sorry for the long wait, but here's version 0.20 of the Demo for you! For this version we have added in several vehicles and aircraft, and also the directional line-of-sight game component! also note that several old game feature has been filtered out for this version in order to improve the AI. Details of changes are as followed:

New structures:
- Vehicle Transportation Pad
- Air Field

New vehicles:
- XR-311 Scout Vehicle
- MBT-70 Main Battle Tank
- Support Trucks and MCVs can now be constructured from the Vehicle Transportation Pad

New aircraft:
- AH-56 Cheyenne Attack Helicopter
- FV-12 VTOL Aircraft

Specialpower unlocked:
- Veteran XR-311 reinforcements
- Long range artillery strike

Fixs in V0.2:
- Main menu layout re-adjusted, the "Tutorial" button now access to the Alternate Warfare tutorial campaign. The "Campaign" button for the original C&C3 campaign has been filtered out for now.

- The factions Logo no longer shows up when you are victorious/defeated, although we still haven't come up with a logo for the AW factions yet.

- Due to AI issues, the experience metre has been reversed to the old power metre, and structures now once again require power. This doesn't affect the rank system though, you can still rank up, it just doesn't show the experience metre anymore.

- Due to AI issues, all base structures will now provide build radius, instead of just the Command Center, Supply Depots and Logistic Centers.

- Due to AI issues, captured Neutral Supply Yard must now be destroyed first before it can be captured by another player, so the AI can do this thing properly.

- Smaller AOE weapons, such as grenades fired by Infantry Squads no longer damage supply crates at the Supply Yard.

- Fixed the animation error for Infantry Squads for when they are swapping weapons.

- More realistic sound FXs have been added to gun and cannon weapons, but unit voices are remaining unchanged for now.

- New visual FXs added to weapon firing/vehicle rubbles/etc.

- New model and decal has been added to minefields deployed by Engineering Squads.

Download it here:

You can also get it at the official site:

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Garuda1_YRCTE - - 58 comments

How to install ?

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xeonhello - - 6 comments

hold on here!, do you mean demo as in, "i'll make a version later that needs to be paid for" or do you mean demo as in BETA

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ravagecn Author
ravagecn - - 141 comments

"demo" just mean it has disabled some units/structures/features. mods should be free to play.

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Vincent101 - - 19 comments

where i can download the full version?

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