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We are inviting you to join us in playtesting the latest update on Tuesday 14th at 8PM UTC!

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Hello ninjas!

Ninshu Online is quickly approaching it's latest version (v0.4) release, and we want to invite you to join us in playtesting the latest update on Tuesday 14th at 8PM UTC!


We are kicking off with the most requested feature which is wall running. You can now run on trees and scale buildings in true ninja fashion! It's super fun, we promise!


We have been working hard on improving the new player experience, first with major UI improvements, and now with a tutorial (starter) zone to get you familiar with how Ninshu Online works!


As we gradually implement more complex NPC logic in the game, we have added trainers which will now be able to teach you jutsu specific to one path. Each path currently in the game has a specific trainer to teach you.


More customization options have been implemented, and customization now saves! You will only need to configure your looks and jutsu once and it will persist in between logins!


Many improvements have been made in all aspects of the game, most notably in the fundamentals of how combat movement now functions. Regardless of your fps, all jutsu that include movement are now balanced for everyone.


Here's an insight of our data collection over a portion of the last test phase. These are just some of the metrics that we look at when deciding on updates and balance improvements.

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Ninshu Online Alpha v0.4 will be released on Tuesday 14th at 8PM UTC. We are inviting you to come and join us in our latest release!

If you're new to Ninshu Online, you can check out our Youtube Channel where we post updates and playtests.

Here's our latest video where we showcase wall running!

We hope to see you in game!

Thank you.

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