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Supreme Mech Commander Alpha 1 version 0.341 released on 9/18/2015.

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Greetings Commander, Supreme Mech Commander v0.341 is live!

This release contains 4 new units, bringing the mod unit count up to 28. The patch adds more utility by providing buildable Dropships for Mechs and vehicles. It also adds much needed AA turrets to fend of the new and existing Aero units. There are also some big changes to how the game is played so please read on.

The 4 new units consist of: Leopard Dropship [3056], Gazelle Dropship [3055], Dual UAC/5 AA Turret, and Quad AC/2 AA Turret.

Added units:

Leopard Dropship

2015 09 18 00004

Leopard Dropship [3056]. Well armored and armed Tech 2 Mech transport. It can carry 4 Mechs.

Gazelle Dropship [3055]

2015 09 18 00005

Gazelle Dropship [3055] Well armored Tech 2 vehicle transport. It can carry 15 vehicles.

Dual UAC/5 AA Turret

2015 09 18 00001

Dual UAC/5 AA Turret Tech 2 AA defense.

(no view range/radar, needs to be paired with Turret Control Tower or sensor units)

Quad AC/2 AA Turret

2015 09 18 00002

Quad AC/2 AA Turret Tech 1 AA defense.

(no view range/radar, needs to be paired with Turret Control Tower or sensor units)

Major bug fix and changes:

  • Lee Dropship can fly now. Its slow and vulnerable to AA fire.
    • Lowered health and speed to prevent rush tactics.
  • Moved Turret Control Tower to Tech 1.
    • Adjusted energy maintenance and build rate.
    • Adjusted view range and sensor range.
    • Adjusted health.
  • Turrets do not carry sensors , they rely on other units for target acquisition( hint: Turret Control Tower)
  • Aero movement speeds updated.

That's all for the highlights. Do let us know if you notice any bugs on our ModDB page.

Have fun with this build guys.


OmeG - - 816 comments

Will you be adding all these models?

And possibly custom animate their unique battle maneuvers/roles? Give certain mech classes flight/ground options ...and now my mind is slowly going off to anime mechs... another mod maybe? XD

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Kamisama171 Author
Kamisama171 - - 92 comments

Hey OmeG

Yea I'm looking to model and animate at least 4 Mechs per tech level for each faction. Melee combat is a bit more tricky as currently there is no good example in SupCom of it, but its on the list of potential features.

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OmeG - - 816 comments

Nice, I would say you'd have to create new animations and add in new weapon stats that will most likely be one hit kills. It would look off having mechs standing still taking blows at each other. Otherwise a quickfix would be to set their "melee" weapon range to near 0 and just have them maneuver in for a hit. Great job so far!

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slothman320 - - 134 comments

Hey devs what you have so far looks good. But my question is how far do you plan to go with this? I haven't downloaded this so I'm not familiar with just what all you have but a planned features list would be a very good way to grab some attention. They're fun to read and help build hype. Again it looks good and i can't wait to see where this goes.

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Kamisama171 Author
Kamisama171 - - 92 comments

Hey slothman

Thanks for the tip, I was looking to add a features page when I lunched the moddb page but it seemed to slip my mind. Im in the process of writing one up right now.

In the mean time to answer your question. We plan to have 4 factions from BattleTech to replace the ingame factions, each with at least 4 Mechs and 4 vehicles per tech level. Also the buildings are going to be replace as well mostly drawing from mech commander for functionality.

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

Nice job. Port to SpringRTS plz! <3

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