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All my mods for both SOMA and Amnesia Rebirth are discontinued and no-longer supported by me.

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Recent changes to my real life circumstances mean that going forward I will be likely quitting gaming all-together in order to focus on the more important things in life. Consequently this means I will no longer be updating or supporting my mods for SOMA and Amnesia Rebirth.

As of December 2021, all my mods should be working with the current versions of their respective games at the time. As we saw with the Chinese update it's not totally impossible that FG will release a micro-update that ruins everything and in the event of this happening it's likely that certain mods (Especially Mavs Hard Mode) will stop working.

As a result of this, all my mods are now completely open source. Modify them, re-upload them, continue working on them or even steal them and call it your own work. No need to ask permission or even credit me as I won't be monitoring the ModDB or workshop pages anyway.

The exception to this will be the later versions of Cutting Room Floor: Omicron that contain the restored patchwork man as this was done by another author, "Random Person" who you can contact on the Frictional Games Discord for permissions.


Hard mode for life?

What are your priorities now?

Just asking.

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