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Mavs Hard Mode is a add-on mod for SOMA that seeks to increase the difficulty of the main game by overhauling enemy behaviours and encounters.
Summary of Changes:

  • Death is instant. Tread carefully.
  • Enemies are faster and more aggressive with improved senses. If you can see them, they can probably see you.
  • New enemy encounters have been added, and slight changes to some level designs have been made to facilitate them. Forget what you knew.
  • Changes to enemy pathfinding. Assume nowhere is safe.

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Simply subscribe and the mod will automatically download. Once done launch SOMA from steam and select Play Mod. Next, simply click Play SOMA With Addons and select Mavs Hard Mode V1.0 and you're good to go.

Please don't forget to leave a rating and report any bugs encountered.

Downlaod from ModDB Mirror
Extract the file to you mods folder in the SOMA directory.

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[h1]F̴u̸l̷l̴ ̴l̴i̵s̷t̴ ̶o̵f̶ ̷c̷h̵a̷n̵g̴e̴s̸ ̶m̵a̵d̵e̸ ̸b̴y̴ ̸t̷h̴e̸ ̶m̴o̶d̴.̵ ̷S̶p̶o̵i̴l̸e̶r̶s̸ ̴a̶h̶e̷a̴d̸ [/h1]
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  • 'Knocked Unconscious' mechanic is removed and replaced with instant death. Note that some enemies will deal less damage when attacking from behind.
  • Footsteps produce more noise
  • Crosshair removed.
  • Flashlight strength is increased
  • Environmental hazards are more damaging and lethal. Includes things such as steam and electricity. Previously there were caps on how much damage they could deal preventing the players death. These have been removed.

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  • Steam at the top of the stairs where the construct first spawns is now lethal and requires it to be turned off in order to progress.
  • The second construct encounter will occur regardless of what choice the player makes to divert power, albeit under slightly different circumstances.


  • More cluttering in the server area to make for trickier navigation.
  • Pathfinding and cluttering changes to the labs area for akers massive benefit. Do no assume you are safe anywhere.


  • Area outside Curie has been altered with slightly more cover and pathfinding changes.
  • The flesher in Lambda returns for real


  • Opened up the vents in the power room to provide a method of bypassing robotgirl if she is blocking the corridor.
  • Changes to many triggers related to the robotgirl encounter. Most noticeably she can now pursue the player outside of the power room.


  • Major changes to path nodes and patrol patterns for Jin Yoshida.
  • Minor changes to level design to facilitate new enemy encounter.

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All encounters properly integrated with patrol zones, repel triggers, autosaves etc.

  • A Flesher now patrols the exterior entrance to Curie.
  • Second proxy in basement at Theta. Patrols the bottom of the staircase and computer room but can wander into the server room as well.
  • A new proxy now patrols the Theta Labs with Akers. Usually hangs around the security office.
  • Second instance of diving suit at tau. Appears in the living area after retrieving the Ark.

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  • Movement speed increased.
  • Will immediately attack on spotting the player.
  • Brighter searchlight.
  • Improved vision and field of view.
  • Improved hearing.
  • Will more aggressively search for sound sources after hearing them.

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  • Slightly increased movement speed
  • Will chase the player for longer
  • Slightly bigger aggro range

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  • Will instantly attack upon detecting the Player
  • Light sensitive, aggressively reacts to the flashlight
  • Distortion effect increased
  • Teleports more aggressively, can cover a greater distance
  • Illumination levels when patrolling decreased. Will still flash up when teleporting
  • Speed increased
  • Aggro time when in line of sight is greatly reduced. A mere glimpse can trigger it.
  • Will now be considered 'in line of sight' regardless of where it is on the screen. Previously would only trigger if close to the centre.

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  • Hearing increase, significantly more sensitive to sound.
  • Patrol and chase speed increased.
  • Will more thoroughly investigate noises, searching around the area where they were heard.
  • General reaction times shortened.
  • More variations between encounters. (Speed, size, discoloration etc)

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  • Greatly improved hearing
  • Faster and more aggressive
  • Reacts to sounds quickly and will search for their source. Knocking over a cup can spell you demise.
  • Pathfinding and patrol changes allowing him to search more effectively

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  • Reacts to sounds, flashlight and movement
  • Instantly goes to 'stage 3'
  • Movement speed increased
  • Search time extended before returning to dormant
  • Spawn locations changed slightly to provide more of a challenge
  • Goes straight to hunt mode when angered

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  • Movement speed increased
  • Reflexes and senses increased
  • Less delay before going to hunt mode
  • Major overhaul to patrol patterns and pathfinding.
  • Patrol path changes as player moves forward to make him more aggressive.

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A.M Team
Creator of the original SOMA Hard Mode mod which laid the basic foundation and inspirations for this one.

For his HPL3 mod development and level editor Youtube tutorial series which were immensely helpful.

For his 'Compare' Notepad++ plugin that was invaluable during the scripting and debug processes.

David Libeau.
Developer of the 'Hacked' font which I used for various imagery and media related to the mod.

Frictional Games
For not only making some of my favorite games of all time, but also for ensuring that players had access to the development tool that made mods like this possible.

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I give full permission for use of assets within this mod including scripts, maps and imagery ONLY in the creation of new and original content.

Do not re-upload this mod to any other sites. Contact me if you believe it should be hosted somewhere else.

As always don't forget to appropriately credit when required.

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If you wish to support me than please simply leave a rating an a comment if you enjoyed the mod!
Please report any bugs to the relevant discussion thread.

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In addition to a few bug fixes the 1.4 update introduces a few new major features to the game, particularly two new game modes. These new game modes have been fully integrated into the default game mode selection menu so there is no need to download external mods or patches in order to play them. Getting this working was undoubtedly one of the biggest hurdles I faced making this mod and I couldn't be happier in how it pulled off!

For those who are just interested in jumping in and trying out the new modes, I've also included an option to skip the intro when starting a new game and instead begin in the pilot seat at site Upsilon.

20201102174914 1


The first of the new game modes is Hardcore mode. In hardcore, all the usual hard mode changes are present with the added feature that manual and automatic saving is disabled. The only way to save your progress in this mode is to seek out and use a WAU flower (the WAU growths that you can fist to restore your health). This has been a long requested feature for SOMA and I'm pleased to say that it is fully functional and integrated into the game. Remember, using a WAU flower can alert nearby enemies of your presence!

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Like hardcore mode, insanity mode disables automatic saving but still allows you to save and exit the game. Should you die however, the game will end corrupting all your save files and returning you to the main menu. I don't expect anyone to be able to beat this and mainly added it for fun. If anyone does happen to do it however and can provide video evidence as proof, I'll buy you a game off your wishlist!

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Mavs Hard Mode has now reached the point where I feel that there is no more that I can do to add too it and is balanced enough to provide a serious but fair challenge for even the most experienced SOMA players. From this point on the only updates will likely be bugfixes and minor patches. With the release of Amnesia Rebirth I intend to switch my focus towards custom stories so if you enjoyed my mod keep an eye out for my future projects! As always I hope you enjoy Mavs Hard Mode, please don't hesitate to report any bugs or leave suggestions!





Documentation of updates made to the mod since release and their changes. Note that certain versions of the mod are not available for download. This is...

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Mavs Hard Mode V1.5

Mavs Hard Mode V1.5

Full Version

CURRENT VERSION - This is the most up-to-date version of the mod. Make sure you completely delete the old version from your mod folder before updating!




A Lite version of the mod with all the new encounters and instant death, but the enemy speed and AI is closer to its vanilla setting. Requires the original...

Mavs Hard Mode V1.4

Mavs Hard Mode V1.4

Full Version 4 comments

OLD VERSION - This is a legacy version of the mod. It is recommended that you use the most up-to-date version.

Mavs Hard Mode V1.3.1

Mavs Hard Mode V1.3.1

Full Version

Old version, no longer supported. It is highly recommended that you use the most current version of the mod.

Mavs Hard Mode V1.2

Mavs Hard Mode V1.2

Full Version

Old version no longer supported. I encourage you to use the most recent version instead.

Mavs Hard Mode V1.0

Mavs Hard Mode V1.0

Full Version

v1.0 Release. Extract into the mods folder located into your SOMA directory.

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Is this recommended for someone whos never played SOMA? I've extensively played previous Frictional titles.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

not on your first run in my opinion. You will be less likely to explore under the harsh conditions of hard mode, thus missing out on world building that is an integral part of SOMA. I'd recommend it after experiencing the base game.

Although to each their own, you might be able to tackle everything on your first go. It'll certainly be an intense experience playing it blind.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Is there a way to have the distortion effects back with other enemies? Only Fleshers seem to have it but not the rest. I tried to turn them off and back on in game and it doesn't make a difference.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mav__ Creator

The mod shouldn't disable distortion for any of the monsters (at least intentionally). I will look into it when I get the chance.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

So I went past Akers and the Proxy at the Theta labs. The Proxy has no effect on my vision at all. Akers makes the camera shaky when looking at him but there's no distortion effects with the shakiness. But once I reach the proxy at the maintenance in Theta, the effects seem to work fine... Maybe they just don't work at the Theta labs. Maybe it's a glitch because the game is not designed to have two monsters at once?

THANK YOU for replying, not many modders do this, I appreciate it! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mav__ Creator

I just tested with the proxies in the Theta server room as well as the labs and both are causing the correct distortion effects for me.

Unfortunately I don't know what could be causing this on your end so I can't offer any advice beyond re-install the game etc.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Is there a way to have the distortion effects back with other enemies? Only Fleshers seem to have it but not the rest. I tried to turn them off and back on in game and it doesn't make a difference.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Regarding hardcore saving. As I feared, there are no flowers between Lambda and the Curie deck. If you're killed by the flesher, it's back to Lambda. That's some brutal stuff, considering how easy it is to get caught by the flesher.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I was looking forward to this mod until I saw that you drastically increased the sensitivity and movement of enemies. Monsters are FLYING at you now from across the corridor, detection feels near instantaneous.

Why did you do this? Adding new encounters and one hit kills would have been enough to make the game quite challenging, why turn every enemy into into a darting deathmachine?

The construct moves so comically fast, its like watching the Benny Hill show.

Fleshers, who were already difficult to navigate are now basically a zone of death. For Christ's sake, they didn't need better detection!!!

I didn't get to the proxies, but i'm guessing they also move like freight trains now.

I'm sorry for being so negative, but I firmly believe that the enemy behavior was fine in the base game, all it needed were more encounters and tweaks to the patrols to make it very tense, but you cranked their stats so much, it's stupidly punishing.

Taking a single step uncrouched or being 15 meters away and looking at an enemy shouldn't send it into kill mode instantaneously. Having next to no detection window kills the stealth in my opinion. You either get lucky or you die, and that's not good design.

I'm sorry again for being negative. I really wanted to enjoy the mod. If you don't think anything needs to change, maybe you could release a "light" version, where the enemy behavior isn't changed to this extent? Thank you for hearing me out, and for your hard work on the mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mav__ Creator

Sorry you feel this way, I don't intend to ever make a 'lite' version myself but if you or anyone else wishes to make a sub-mod with reduced speeds, vision etc you have my full support and I'll even host it on the main mod page if you wish. I am also happy to answer any questions and I made sure to annotate the script files so you can see the values that need to be changed. You can even use the compare Notepad++ plugin to refence it against the vanilla scripts.

Interestingly though there is no 'detection window' coded into the game. Enemy vision doesn't even take into account darkness, there's literally just a single variable that dictates a distance that they physically can't see past.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

okay, I'll have a look at the files and try to make adjustments

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