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Major updates of v0.4 includes additional handheld weapons, adjusted weapon specs, and so many bug fixes.

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An unexpected accident delayed the release for about a month, but finally we reached this point that we release the version 0.4.
Major updates of v0.4 includes additional handheld weapons, adjusted weapon specs, and so many bug fixes.
You probably enjoy v0.4 the best by joining the servers where the unlock weapons are available.

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.4

v0.4 releasev0.4 release
v0.4 releasev0.4 release


Here's the download link.

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.4 Full Client

UPDATE PATCH v0.33->v0.4 (480MB)
AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.4 Update Patch

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.4 Server


Full Install
1. Install Allied Intent Xtended 2.0 (Core & Levels)
2. Download v0.4 Full Client & install it.
3.(Optional) Download AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD MapPack (v0.33 compatible).
Unzip & move to "Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 2/mods/aix2ex_mm/levels" directory.

Update from v0,33 to v0.4
1. Download v0.4 patch.
2. Execute the patch AFTER installing BF2, AIX2, and AIX2ExMM v0.33 (if you already installed these, then you can skip here and directly install the patch).
3. Install
4. Run MiniMOD and play!

Change log:


- Increased numbers of colored smoke grenades from 1 to 3.
- Added minimap icons for colored smoke grenades. An icon appears on a minimap where a colored smoke is thrown. Appearing duration of the icon will be 30 secs, as same as the actual colored smoke grenades. Enemies can see the icons, too.
- Increased view distance of colored smoke.


[Models changed]
- Changed weapon model: M4A1

[New weapons]
- Added weapons: M4A1 w/ suppressor, QBU-88 Tactical, G3SG/1, HK23E
(HK23E's appearance would be the same as HK21E but the ammunition and firing RPM would be different)

[Handheld rifles, SMGs, LMGs, pistols]
- Added battle rifles for Assault soldier. Adjusted the specs of battle rifles.
- Reduced the duration until pulling out sidearms greatly.
- Projectiles of grenade launcher and AT rockets/missiles don't explode until they fly more than 10m (but the collision damage would be done to armors and infantry).
- Adjusted specs of SMGs.
- Adjusted specs of shotguns.
- Adjusted specs of some LMGs.
- Adjusted specs of the weapons whose RPM is 600 (so that the recoil looks different and your aim moves slightly toward right top corner of the screen).

[Handheld AT/AA weaponry]
- Changed some AT rockets' flying speed so that every AT rocket flies on the same speed.
- Adjusted specs of AT rockets so that they wouldn't be more accurate when moving and the maximum accuracy is increased (AT rockets are best accurate when crouching).
- Increased lock-on distance of handheld AT missiles to 300m, decreased lock-on duration to 1 sec.
- Increased damages of AT missiles.
- Decreased lock-on distance of handheld AA missiles from 400m to 375m.
- Changed chasing behavior and damages of handheld AA missiles to the same amount as static AA missiles.

- Re-assigned almost every handheld weapon in almost every faction.


- Removed recoils from SPG (self-propelled gun) and MLRS.
- Removed recoils from a machine gun mounted on vehicles.
- Removed TV screen effect from TV camera missile. Player can select day/thermal just like other vehicles.

- Added damage reducing to tanks.
(The amount of the damage depends on the angle that the AT projectile hits the surface of the tank. 50% of the damage in maximum would be reduced)

[Aerial vehicles]
- Adjusted specs of countermeasures. Flares falls slower, but it stays shorter amount of time.
- Any AA missiles would no longer chase the target after they fly past the flares.
- Added turret icon on the gunner's seat of attack helicopters. Player will know which direction he/she is looking at, regarding the direction of the helicopter.

- Increased health point of A-10.
- A-10 will gain burning damage upon 2 or more missiles hitting it.
- Decreased the duration of cooling speed for A-10 machine gun overheating.
- Decreased the damage and the damage radius of A-10 machine gun.

- Decreased the amount of GBU-27 ammo on F-117.
- Increased the amount of JASSM ammo on F-117.

- Changed the behavior of gunner's seats on F-14 and F-4
(so that the gunner can look around and shoot missiles any direction the gunner is looking at).

- Decreased RPM of MK19 grenade launcher on MH-53E from 360 to 300.
- Decreased splash damage of MK19 on MH-53E.
- Increased ammo count of MK19 on MH-53E.

- Adjusted damages of miniguns on MH-6, UH-60, and Osprey
(so that they can't hurt tanks and APCs).

- Changed damage radius of JASSM and GBU-27 (JASSM: 50m -> 35m, GBU-27: 25m -> 50m)
- Increased the flying speed of JASSM.
- Changed lock-on distance and duration of GBU-27
(so that player can lock on the target from slightly farther distance)

- Removed gunner's seats from SPGs and MLRS, so the driver is also the gunner.
- Set the maximum ammo count on SPGs and MLRS.
- SPGs and MLRS can now rearm from ammo pack.
- Increased firing distance of SPGs and MLRS from 300m to 400m.
- Increased damage radius of projectiles released from BM-21 and 2S1.


- Changed the amount of damage of AT rockets, AT missiles, and tank cannons to tank caterpillars to the same amount as when it hits tank's front armor.
- Increased the amount of damage of tank cannon to tank's front armor by 50%.
- Increased the amount of damage of AT rockets and AT missiles to tank's front armor by 25%.


- Renewed the animations for pistols
(so that some pistols' iron sight is now accurate).
- Recoil animations of every pistol are now the same.


- Changed the respawn menu of AT soldier kit, on behalf of the change to it
(so that player selecting AT kit will see both SMG and AT weapon on the respawn menu).


- Changed some of the explosion sound.
- Changed some of the explosion sound heard from distance.
- Added new firing sound for some handheld weapons (M4, M16, XM8, MP5, MP7, Tavor, and AK47).
- Added new firing sound for any handheld weapons heard when firing inside buildings.
- Adjusted the timing of firing sound for some weapons and vehicles
(so that the sound and the animation would sync).


- Changed shaders
The effect when receiving explosion blast is increased, so that player's view would be more blurred, and the corners of the screen would be dark for a short while. Also, the visual of thermal vision screen is adjusted so the distortion of the screen is reduced.

- Extended view distance of objects
The visual distance of infantry, vehicles and some other objects that are essential to gameplay is extended so player can see distant objects better than before.

Finally, we introduce some of the people (=developers) who contributed to the release of v0.4.

- SuzukiWYS
Worked on: new M4A1 model, new G3SG/1 skin

- Bobthedinosaur
Worked on: G3SG/1 model

- leon912
Worked on: pistol animations

Worked on: weapon tweaks

- Niu135
Worked on: weapon icon pictures, weapon firing sound

And special thanks to Remdul from Forgotten Hope 2 modification who kindly provided shader codes to us/the MiniMOD.

See you soon in the battlefield!

tekktekk (translation: y-shin)


sounds nice

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Looks good!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Awesome, now i just need to wait for my internet to come back!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Sosad that I'm still not able to play this mod as it always crashes when loading map(texture). Can anyone tell me why?:(

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Nice to hear from this mod again! But: You wrote we should play this on servers with unlocks available. Seriously? AIX is a Singleplayer/Coop mod. There has to be a way to unlock more kits for singleplayer/coop! It's a shame to have so many weapons but you can't use them all because the alternative kits are missing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Apparently, the Minimod is focused more on multiplayer than Singleplayer/Coop. Thats what I read on the description on the front page.

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Unfortunately, nobody plays this online! Would probably be cool as a LAN-game, but when you look in the server list, you're lucky if even one server hosting AIX (+minimod) pops up. Not even talking of people playing on it.
So Singleplayer is still the most important thing on such a modification IMO. Would love to see improved bot AI and such things.

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They did do something to the AI, "Enhanced Strategic AI (Powered by Void)". All maps have bot support. Running this mod through the BF2SPCC program that came with the original AIX2 allows for promotions, but, I'm not sure about unlocks, though.

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your wrong about online servers....
Still the AIX2ex_MM homesite runs this in CoOp.
and on my site it runs 24/7 also in CoOp (use "gametracker" to find it)
or try this IP:
The BF2 ingame browser does not ever works correctly.

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I had v0.33 so I only downloaded UPDATE PATCH v0.33->v0.4 but it crashes out !! how about some help over here !!

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Sorry, replied to the wrong comment.

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