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This article lists the main features of the new AI script, as well as the progress of the development.

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Even though I have a little spare time I managed to achieve a decent progress with the new AI. Now the AI uses reinforcements in a smarter way instead of just spamming them. I will start integrating the difficulty levels: now the difficulty level in the option menu will only affect the general gameplay (accuracy and damage dealt by AI, just like standard MoW), while in the battlefield mode there will be a menu where you choose the difficulty level at the beginning of each game. For now the only working AI is Germany, but it seems to respond well to the new changes. I will keep you update on further progress.


Not sure if you know this or not but when starting up a game and choosing a nation or abilities type you can click really fast and get 2-3 of each.

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BlackCaesar Author

There's nothing I can do about it, it is a problem with MoW reinforcements interface, you can do the same also in Assault Squad skirmishes, because to hide the button you must wait for a trigger to refresh. But are you sure that it works, I mean even if I manage to click, do you still get two nations?

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Yes, but eventually some units will be unobtainable because they spill over above the screen. I have been able to get 3 nations but never 3 abilities (only two).

Another thing about the AI, I find the Soviet AI to be the best currently since their entire strategy is to spam units until win, which the AI is perfect at.

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