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AGDoom V3.b has been unleashed and now we're looking upward to the next version.

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This is a forwarding of a monthly update post from the wiki which might make some of this seem kind of meta or confusing at points.

AGDoom V3.b has been unleashed and now we're looking upward to the next version.

Where Monsters Are in Dreams

AGDoom Version 3.ϐ was released last month and you can find it here on ModDB. Another solid step toward completion of the project, hence a short period of enjoying success and getting a breather in. Development on the next version will resume soon now as I've spent said time taking a break doing some life change stuff that will be a tangent below as per usual. But first, a recap of what 3.ϐ accomplished:

  • New class: Sentinel Aerialist
  • New enemies:
    • Keelborg
    • Exo-Interceptor
    • Wire Wraith
    • Kulltron
    • Drillhound
    • Nanospectre
    • Field Commander
    • Tekseer
    • Worrmaster
  • New HUD elements
  • Adjustments to the Battleroid class
    • Health overhaul (shields now give health, health has a soft cap of 100, a mid-cap of 200 and a hard cap of 300)
    • Adrenal Stims now give a temporary "Super Shield" pickup, increasing damage resistance against most sources significantly and granting immunity to piercing attacks and projectiles and telefragging, with only a weakness to electric attacks.
  • Two new difficulty options
  • New sounds for various weapons:
    • Bedran Class-2
    • Bedran Class-3
    • Bedran Class-3.5
    • Bedran Class-4
    • Bedran Class-6
    • Metallus Class-6
    • Klemorian Power Mace
  • Sounds for equipping weapons in-game
  • Fixes to weapon pickup scripting to mitigate long-term ammo loss
  • Improvements to Beraltian weapon accuracy

Cold Day In Hell

Okay, now to focus on the upcoming Version 3.γ (Gamma). The easiest way to sum up the plans of this update is like the header of this section. A real strong fire and ice motif. It's planned to include:

  • New Class: Surturian Ice Giant
  • Overhauls to fire damage, including the introduction of afterburn (meaning, enemies hit by fire damage continue to take fire damage) complete with different afterburn lengths depending on enemy resistance or weakness to fire damage, and more utility to fire damage being an area denial tool or punishing/damage stacking tactic as opposed to just raw damage with a unique flair.
  • New Enemies:
    • Worrdrone (Cacodemon replacement)
    • Fleshseeker (Lost Soul replacement)
    • New Keelborg variants (Norland Captain & Metallus Legionary)
  • Enemy weak points
  • Additional unique HUD elements and adjustments
  • Overhaul to Battleroid weapons and unique HUD
  • More intelligent friendly AI, and commands for the player to control their tactics.
  • More death animations for enemies
  • Separation of enemies from AGD into their own file for this release
  • AGD enemies that replace Heretic/Hexen/Chex Quest monsters for compatibility with those IWADs.
  • Fixes to various bugs

Here's a list of stuff that might get added, but may not depending on how development goes:

  • Vehicle(s), BIG maybe on this as this is on the cutting-room floor due to lots of technical bugs and issues.
  • New enemies
    • Atrocity (Spider Mastermind replacement)
    • Mecha Commando (Revenant replacement)
    • Holounit (Pain Elemental replacement)
    • Gatekeeper (unique enemy)
  • New music (if I can get enough tracks into an enjoyable state)
  • New powerups and pickups (depending on balance/scripting/if they're fun to use)
  • Further gameplay customization options for the player to control spawn scripting and drops from enemies.

Development is a very "liquid" process. It's hard to say for sure what will happen. You set up design goals and stuff but some stuff gets cut, or saved for later, or completely changed. I want to be careful on what I say ends up getting added and how I define these things so if this list seems vague, or concerning, just know I have full intention of getting an enjoyable experience out to people with new shit, because new shit is good and cool and fun.

130mg of Reality

Personal update time, the best part of these blog posts. Despite saying it for like 8 months now, I have FINALLY moved. It will likely not be the last move, but I am moved for now, dammit. I'll be picking up a job soon, a security job where I'll spend most of my time waiting for stuff to happen. The upside of this, to me, is that I'll have plenty of time to write notes and ideas of how I can script stuff, maybe even study ZScript (overdue assignment there) and ACS stuff. The downside is, of course, I'll need to balance working on AGD with working at a job, which means actual development may slow down. But emphasis on may, I'm certainly not going to just give up or anything. The job will pay pretty well too, so I may even shell out some money to anyone who'd be interested in assisting me on the project, namely sprite artists. I am living a lot more comfortably than I have, though. I don't really have as much space, but the actual environment is a lot more clean and I actually live near civilization (I used to basically live in a cabin in the woods) so things are pretty comfy and I'm pretty happy overall. I intend on significantly upgrading my computer by getting parts and stuff, and I intend on making something fairly hefty which should help development on AGDoom. And probably a new car. Maybe. Gorp.

This has been Dewm. See you starside. Song for the month.

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