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Advanced Classes Mod 1.08 version is released. New secondary skill icons for Master and Grandmaster skills. Restored proper skill names and some balance adjustments.

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Advanced Classes Mod

FanofHeroes was so kind to provide us with new graphics for secondary skill icons, representing also master and grandmaster level. This was the last step necessary to provide a good way of playing with 5 skill levels instead of 3. I think it really makes a different in immersion and now the mod feels complete.
The implementation required some advanced hacking which could only be done by Daemon Thank you very much for that!

If you like the mod and update please give a positive rating here on ModDB ;-)

How to install: How to Install ERA and ACM

Download on ModDB:
Advanced Classes Mod 1.08 Update

Changelog Version 1.08

+ added new M/GM secondary skill icons (big thanks to FanOfHeroes and Daemon)
+ secondary skill names are now displayed properly in hero screen
+ added Mobile Market of Time in towns, lets you forget secondary skills
+ added GEM town button to visits Enchanter, Blacksmith, Market of Time (work in progress)
+ now you can assemble Angelic Alliance again, new set bonus is lost when asssembled, so choose one

- increased Heal Capacity from 20 to 30 per level for Hierophant commander
- slightly increased bonus HP for Tent and Ballista from Hierophant and Ogre leader
- Reduced damage of Fire Mage commander class
- reduced value of Supporter commander mastery
- commanders get less free kill counts at level up

- spelling corrections in text files (thanks to Matrix Gneurshk)
- added multiplayer scouting event fix
- added warning to not assembly combination artifacts in backpack, because it can cause stat overflow
- fix passive for Hierophant commander was not working on Heal and Heal Capacity
- tried to improve MP support by removing VR:T and replacing with VR:R
- Fire Mage cannot exceed Max Kill Count

Dif Mod 1.035:
- Added new configuration window for Enhanced Henchman Mod (done by Archer)
- removed random hero and karmic battle script file from mod

Taste is different:
In the ACM folder you will find three types of "skill colors" available
All in white (classic style)
All in golden (WoG style)
All in golden, green and red (ACM style)

Personally I will stay with the coloured variant 😎 . But on a survey the majority said they would want white skill names :blindness: .... so you have the choice. Find and replace the file in the ACM folder and restart your game. Easy.



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