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Here you can find links and actual set of updates for ESHQ mod

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Deployment sequence (safe variant)

1. Download the DPArray. This tool allows you to download all needed packages and updates for all our mods, including this one. According to Applications development policy (ADP), DPArray is payments-free, ads-free, hidden-functionality-free and completely safe to use.

2. Start DPArray. Confirm your acquaintance with ADP if needed.

3.1. If you haven’t installed the mod before or have version older than 13.5, download the ESHQ main package from the list of projects. Otherwise, skip this step.

3.2. If you already have (or will have after the previous step) the mod version 13.5 or newer, download the ESHQ update package.

4. Perform installation steps in suggested order.

WARNING! It is strongly recommended to preserve offered installation path and to use empty directory for it. Don't install this mod into Steam location or into placements of any other mods. This mod is stand-alone!

Deployment sequence (default variant)

Download this mod archive, extract it into the empty directory and start hl.exe. In this case you should be able to manually check for mod updates and installation integrity. Only the archive linked here is the original one!

WARNING! Do not overwrite files of any other mod or the Steam installation. This is a stand-alone mod! Also, this variant cannot protect your save files from becoming incompatible with the version of update

Actual updates log

Version 13.9.1 - New voice lines, engine updates, map fixes

• Added new voice lines for announcers (maps 5, 15, 27, 58). Great thanks to Qwertyus and Robivox AI service!
• Engine: applied actual updates from mother project (including new lighting and textures processing). Warning: this update will reset video and OpenGL settings for the mod.
• Maps: updates and fixes applied for maps 1 - 10

Version 13.9 - New voice lines, map fixes

• Added new voice lines for announcers (GHOST voice, maps 4, 16, 17, 62). Great thanks to Randy!
• Applied some geometry improvements to maps 1 - 4

Older updates log you can find here


When I found out about the 9.x updates, I installed them into an empty directory in c:\bin\ESQL10. (The gameinfo.txt in the valve directory says version 10...?)
The icon starts the game using:
C:\bin\ESHQ10\hl.exe -dev -console

When I started it for the first time, it came up in a window, not full screen.

I then changed the video settings to not run it in a window, and
use the max screen size, max gamma, and added my usual control
keys, w-s-a-d for movement and others.
Now when I run it, it tries to run full-screen, but the screen stays black for a long period (the last time I waited for 15 minutes, no initial screen with menus ever showed up.
I tried changing the desktop icon to run in a window, then
the smaller half-white screen (console?)comes up with no text in it, in front of a full-screen whiter screen and the disk light on my desktop goes full on and stays there. The mouse disappears.

Is there a way to use command-line switches to run 9.x initially as a window, so I can adjust it whenever I'd like to play it ? have a great mod here.

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Sorry for late answer, we haven't received a notification about this (article) comment. For faster troubles solution, please, use main page's comments section.

May be, our engine version doesn't support your (large?) monitor. It's old a bit, and it has problems like this.

To get to initial state you can remove 'video.cfg' file from 'C:\bin\eshq\valve' directory. Or open it and change value of 'setr fullscreen' parameter to '0'. And then start 'hl.exe' again.

And please, remind us about results. Thank you!

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