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It mainly describes my update plan of Science and my recent life situation.

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Because of my personal life, I can't reply to many players' questions in time. I hope I can forgive them.Next, I will introduce my update plan and my personal life in the near future.

In order to avoid serious crashes, I intend to delete the 5th faction (Scrin Faction). On the one hand, the RNA engine limits the memory of 1.5G, and the excessive size of mod may cause serious crashes. On the other hand, the RNA engine lacks a lot of code for Scrin related functions, so some functions are difficult to achieve. Thank you for your time with our alien friends! Maybe in the future, the problems of crashes caused by memory limitation will be solved when mod is developed based on OpenSAGE engine.

As for the other four factions, I will change the models of some buildings and units, and improve the balance of the game. I personally prefer the entertainment of RA2. To find a balance between the entertainment of RA2 and the balance of RA3 is really a problem.

As for campagins, I will improve the difficulty, but not very much. Music functions will also be optimized. And I will add more surprises to campagins.

I'll probably end RA3 Science in two years, based on what the RNA engine supports. After that, I may go to make a mod of RA2, or continue to complete the CnC3TW Science. Everything is unknown, but I hope everything goes well.

Next, I will introduce my recent life. I will take part in the college entrance examination this year. The result of the college entrance examination is enough to decide a person's life in China. So I stopped making mod now, so I didn't reply to you in time. Besides, my computer is damaged. Maintenance will cost me time and energy, so I don't want to repair the computer for the time being. So in the short time after my college entrance examination, I can't update mod. Maybe I need to buy a new computer after the college entrance examination results are released.

In this period of time, there has been a new type of pneumonia in China. There are also confirmed cases in the city where I live, but they are not serious. Some patients have been cured and discharged. To a certain extent, the restrictions on leaving home and class suspension have affected everyone's life, including students preparing for the college entrance examination. Because of the suspension, I can only study at home, so I can spare time to reply to you in Moddb. I was born in 2002, the year of the outbreak of SARS. I have been living in the province with the earliest SARS cases, but I and many people around me are very healthy now. I believe that the Chinese government can lead the Chinese people through difficulties once again.

Because of time, I can only say so much first. If I have free time, I will continue to share my update plan.Thank you for your support and suggestions!


thank u and good luck !

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