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Back in progress stats, but for a good replacement. The door has been fixed and relooked. Also a little information about the bonus level.

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I have good news and bad news to share. I adjusted the design of the doors; after some work to make it all the more satisfying, I came up with a model worked from scratch from a texture. The rendering is very interesting and seems much more realistic and worked. A slide at the bottom, a handle well drawn in 3D. Finally I think I have the right design.

However, and the bad news is, I have to remove all the doors in place to make the change. But with this method, the "areaportals" are easy to work with and the finish is better. But my mapping technique improves greatly.

This motivates me even more to work on the project, because this door problem (the shading, among others) bothered me and I hoped to find a solution quickly.

So I go from 58% to 45%, it's not that bad, because with some adjustment I should be able to add more quickly.

I take this opportunity to "standardize" the work; textures, accessories and atmospheres. This involves dimensions and adjustments. I don't have an ideal choice of texture, I will probably have to take some time to find the right one for the ceilings and the floor. The walls are still easy (blue / brick, red / brick, brown / wood, white / brick, dull white / brick).

The design of the bonus level will be interesting, not liking the color of the game (purple alien color), I kept the "Nazi" spirit for a metallic finish, in red, gray and white, like a kind of laboratory . At least, for the textures, after that, we will have to find objects that will fit into this atmosphere.

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The door with the handle looks really great now. You talked about that you had to change now all doors, which does sound like much work but there is a quick way to do this. Just one door model and then copy-paste it to everywhere, of course, do you need to change the name of each one so they work as separate doors. But that way you can change each within minutes instead of rebuilding each one time and time again.


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Yes sure, I not rebuild every time the door, I have a file with the door and all need ready to use. Copy all and paste where door is needed.

Each door request a name for the areaportal linked.

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