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Greetings fellow pilgrims, hope you've all been well. While we haven't been super active on social media for a bit, we still read all of your comments and feedback across all platforms. The amount of support you've given us is amazing and it's what keeps us going, so I'd like to thank you all on behalf of our team.

Speaking of our team, it's a great pleasure to announce our most recent addition to TrenchWork. Enter Snordix. An incredibly talented artist who can draw about everything you can ask of him, and pretty damn well too. This may not come as much of a surprise for those who are a part of our Discord community, but he's been helpful enough to warrant himself an official announcement. So much so that he's blessed us with official art of our protagonist himself, Master Templar!

With his concept art, we hope to deliver a more aesthetically pleasing experience.

Now, onto what you folk are probably wondering about... What's up with chapter 1? How close is it to release? While we can't really say how soon, it's definitely getting there. We've been making steady progress, however, life has been very demanding for some of us. We're still planning on keeping the promise of a 2022 release, but unfortunately it's going to take a bit more time in the oven. Gameplay has been polished up significantly, new features have been added and the levels have been made to feel more alive, but all of that deserves a separate article which will be coming in due time. Meanwhile, we've still got a few interesting things to show off to make the wait a little more bearable.

Naturally, that's not the only thing we've been focusing on. For the past few months, we've been extensively reworking the sound design of Trench Foot, with pops (4shot) doing the heavy lifting. Nearly every weapon sound has been updated to the highest quality fitting for a ruthless soundscape of a raging war. With as much immersion as possible being our goal, a footstep sound system has been added. Soon you'll be able to hear every holy or unholy step taken in the muddy trenches. All of this doesn't apply only to the player, but to the fellow comrades and the bloodthirsty enemies as well. Here's a quick demonstration of what the trenches sound like now.

It's also been a while since we've shared our holy tunes. You may agree that no game is complete without a main theme to really drive its mood home. Trench Foot is no exception. With the unending war waged by the ever-growing heretic forces, the Order of the Templar has no choice but to make their presence be heard loud and clear as they trample over the corpses of their enemies. Behold, the March of the Templars.

And with that, we'll unfortunately have to say our goodbyes for now. However, we've got way more exciting things to announce, sooner than you might think. So stay tuned for that. Until then, take care.

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Can't wait for more news!

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Hmmm this aesthetic seems to be inspired by something, can't quite place it xD

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Feels like a Warhammer 40K Death Korps of Krieg setting.

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