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Lots to do, lots to say, not enough time! Ahh! Save me :P

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Hey, this is a very very quick update as I have far too much work to be doing!

We've not had much time to do any work recently, the current acedemic year is coming to a close and after the Easter holidays we have about 5 weeks left of college, and during this time me and GB need to get all our stuff sorted etc and prepare for Uni, which means we don't get much free time anymore.

Secondly, I'm pretty sure GB has some sort of superpower where if he touches any hardware for an extended period of time, it breaks catastrophically... my laptop had a hdd failure and thankfully got fixed in a day, GB managed to break half the keys on his keyboard and he's not getting his back until the Friday after the holiday. (Not that he did any work anyways :)

Because of all this stress and fuss, we probably won't have an update for a couple of weeks, but we are working on things, promise!
Also, don't worry about any game data, we have thousands of backups! (Overstatement, we have one that lives in Dropbox).

We seem to be getting many comments about the game being like Nazi Zombies, we would like to clarify this now - WE ARE NOT CREATING A NAZI ZOMBIE REMAKE. We do have screenshots which use the same system as NZ but these are for our tests of scripting and code, when we make a release (Alpha) our new systems will be in place, it is just a lot easier to add a gun to a wall for testing than to create an entire new feature of 5000 lines of code that turns out doesn't and wont ever be plausible.
We do have a "Survival" mode, which is like NZ, this mode places you in a locked map with resources scattered around, and you have to survive as long as you can. We have a full list of things to be released in the future, so stay patient and expect a huge update in the coming weeks!

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well i started tracking ZP because i understood the gameplay will be relative to nazi zombies and i though that it does have nice graphics and not too high system regs :)
Ofcourse it has became more interesting than that.

But about my last comment (about modeling). Trying to get some motivation here, i will contact when i am ready (and if help is needed) :P

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MrFoxx Author

I see what you mean, we do have aspects of NZ in the game still, we've just tried our best to make them look and behave differently so that our game is different, there will still be NZ style gameplay too! No need to worry about that :)

Thank you! That's much appreciated :)

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