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A look into the future of our art assets and the development of our game. "Live art" demos using the Unity engine and screenshots within!

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Live Art Demos

So, we are trying something new. Mainly because we weren't able to get the demo done in time, but we still want to show you guys what some of our stuff looks like "in game". This is the next best thing.

Flux and the Energy Cells

Please note that the glass effect is currently missing in the demo. This will be fixed in the playable demo.

Web build here: Flux and Energy Cells art demo

Night Scene - Grassy Meadows

Web build here: Night Scene - Grassy Meadows

Day Scene - Grassy Meadows

Web build here: Day Scene - Grassy Meadows

Flux "De-rezzing" Particle Test

Showing off what Flux will look like when he is re-spawning back to the beginning of the level.

Web build here: Particle Test - Flux "De-rezzing"


You've probably noticed by now that we decided to go with Claude's design for Flux. This decision was mostly based on the fact that players won't see and/or care what is on Flux's display. Instead, we are going to use pulsing colors and the colors as indicators to show the player health and other information.

The energy cells are going to come in different sizes. During the previous demo, there were actually different timing amounts per cell, but you wouldn't have known this. We now have different sizes to indicate the longevity of the glow. These will be used to force you to strategize and determine which one to use when.


Lastly, we have updated a barrage of new photos in our Gallery. Feel free to check them out.

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Beautiful :D

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Looks amazing, TRACKING!!!

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WOW, amazing scenery! Very stylistic!

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They are a little too much like the companion cube for my liking. And when I say a little I mean a lot.

All the other shots look lovely, really quite excited.

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Looks really unique, got some nice portal vibes there by those cubes too. Hehe :3

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