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Elder Scrolls Total War is now balanced for multiplayer! Join the fray!

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Elder Scrolls Total War Submod

(compatible with ES 1.6)

Free to use! You are allowed to use this, without having to credit me <3

It's been a lot of hard work but I finally made it!

Finally I patched Elder Scrolls Total War to be playable and balanced in multiplayer!


Download Link:

Main Changes:

1) Removed Garrison Scripts

2) Units are balanced according to price. Some according to description and type as well.

3) Siege engines are accurate and x2, but cost a lot of money.

4) Units are more expensive but with a smaller upkeep and can be recruited fast.

5) Mages do not have Area Effect. But have high attack, range and armor piercing.

6) Ships have small upkeep.

7) All units have new stats.

8) Projectiles are more accurate and fun to use.

9) House Dagoth has a good starting army.

10) More money in Campaign.

11) More playable factions!

12) Disabled "Skirmish" to make the game more fair.

13) Undead have more soldiers and can build weak war ships.

14) Oblivion Script activates sooner.

15) Mercenaries are no longer mere clones of their original units.

16) AI prefers naval invasions.

17) When AI has <2000 gold, it receives 15.000 gold.

18) Keeping your units in cities is free of cost.

19) Dagoth and Undead can train diplomats.

20) Ashlanders have full armies and bigger population in cities.

21) Edited the Battle Ai Script.

22) Changed recruit times.

23) Orcs have 2 full armies from the start.

24) Dagoth Ash Slaves throw rocks. (missile units equivalent of archers)

25) All crossbowmen have armor piercing in missile weapon.

26) Undead generals have more fitting traits.

27) Orcs have orc mercenaries, not human.

29) New quotes, thanks to Roupy

30) Changed many unit names.

31) Improved ReallyBadAi for this submod ;)

32) Changed Formation.

33) Oblivion Scripts, if accepted, is activated at turn around 30-50.

34) Undead have law bonus in barracks. They can also recruit priests.

Challenging and fun.

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