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Well, here's a bit of news: The annoucement of the new champ!

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It's that time again.

While there was no QCDE release in July, we used that time to craft stuff here and there. And for example, there's a new game mode: Rocket arena

But if that wasn't enough, here's the new champion to join the roster

Do you know what game is he from? He's definitely not oldschool, and yet, I could not resist adding him just for how damn fun he is :D

But don't even think we're done yet. There's more maps to be announced and another couple little surprises here and there.

But all in due time.


Cankler - - 109 comments

I remembered the voice from somewhere, but could not think from where it was.
But as soon as the "Bulletstorm" Music kicks in, i know it again. :)
Love your work and love this mod.

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DBThanatos Author
DBThanatos - - 227 comments

Thanks you! This is one of my fave characters of "recent" games. I had to bring him in :D

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TheVeryRareGmanID - - 249 comments

Hell yes! It's Steve Blum!

It sounds insane but I'd really like to see Joanna Dark added.

Oh and Blazkowicz needs to be added!

Looking forward to trying out this update anyway, thanks for working so hard on this mod, it's awesome.

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DBThanatos Author
DBThanatos - - 227 comments

I really want to add BJ Blazko some day, but I have yet to find sprites I like for him. I don't like the wolf 3d sprites.

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Virgile - - 27 comments

It's your game, you do what you want, but I personally want to say "RIP QC DoomEdition". It was a good idea to have retro champions, and this guy is anything but retro...

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EgoJisto - - 136 comments

Maybe not retro, but sufficiently badass, old school type, to be in the roster, you conclusion jumping sissy.

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DBThanatos Author
DBThanatos - - 227 comments

Well, I appreciate the honesty, and I'll be honest too: It's not our fault if people created false expectations for the mod. We never claimed QCDE was about "retro champions". Not once.

We have, and will continue adding champions we find interesting, and characters we like. But this is hardly the "first non retro champion": Sorgaul isn't retro, nor is Nyx, Terminator, or Keel.

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Virgile - - 27 comments

And I appreciate that you have answered. Thanks.
I don't doubt that I'll be much more enthusiastic by another announcement, the game is fun to play, that's the important thing.

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paladin-julio - - 114 comments

hey dthanos when you put blazkowicz
you can put the long-awaited character of Hdoomguy to luka of monster girl quest 3d you also need to put laschicas monsters in the game if you need sprites you can ask hdoomguy to pass them to you or I can pass them the model of luka I can also pass it to you skill for luka can be the power of his sword and then what do you think

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