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99999 is a fast-paced, high-score arena-shooter/platformer inspired by Super Crate Box.

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Hello everyone!
I am currently on solo development of my very first game - 99999 - using Gamemaker engine.

To put simply, 99999 is a fast-paced, high-score arena-shooter/platformer inspired by Super Crate Box.

Gif 1 small

Most stages are small and compact in order to keep the action flowing. Weapons will spawn randomly on the map and must be collected in order to earn points (thus changing the weapon, like in Super crate Box). Unlike SCB, I've decided to add a countdown timer too to crank up the urgency of collecting your newly spawned weapon drop.


You can aim and shoot anywhere in 360 degrees. The Player avatar is highly maneuverable too, with double jump, wall-jump, "clinging" onto walls and even a dodge-roll (can dodge-roll in mid-air). The aim is to let movement be as easy as possible so that players can focus on shooting AND avoid being hit by enemies.

As you progress through the game you'd unlock more theme-Worlds, more stages, and of course, more weapons.

Gif 2

Worlds banner

You can also equip special abilities and choose your weapon loadouts to utilise different strategies and customise your play-style.

Gif 3

Explosive collection

In the above gif the ability, "Explosion Collection" is equipped. The Ability creates a mini-explosion that kills enemies upon contact whenever the player collects a weapon.


Here is another ability. "Final Stand", probably one of the strongest ability thus far. It activates when the Player has only a single heart(health) remaining, killing all enemies currently on-screen.

A demo is available! Try it out
You can also download it from

Find/contact me at -
Twitter: @yongjustyong
Mailing list: : 99999

Please feel free to commend and share your ideas!
Thank you!!

Hezus - - 561 comments

Looks fun! Going to give this a try later :)

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yongjustyong Author
yongjustyong - - 5 comments

Thanks! Really appreciate it :D

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Hezus - - 561 comments

I played it for a bit and it looks fun, however the constant screenshaking is giving me headaches. I understand it would shake for a big explosion but not for each shot you fire. But if you really want to keep it, then at least an option to turn screen shaking off would be great. I would definatly play it longer if this was optional.

Also, the tutorial doesn't really cover the gameplay. It took me a few tries to figure out I had to collect the weapons within the time limit.

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yongjustyong Author
yongjustyong - - 5 comments

Hey Hezus, thanks for playing :) The tutorial is really a big miss on my part, others have given me the same feedback too. I am already working on fleshing out the tutorial more.

Sorry you didn't like the screenshake, I can probably add in the option to turn it off, though it isn't a priority right now. Do you think you'd prefer a option to tone it down also? (meaning 3 options in total: normal, toned-down, none).

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