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Some texture changes, and area 1 of the level entitled 'Power Distribution' is nearing Construction completion. This does not include final detailing and AI work.

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Time for another update! The first area of 'Power Distribution is nearing completion of construction. This does not include finish detailing and AI work, but refers only to layout and design. Lighting, texture tweaking, AI scripting and fine detailing are to be done after main construction is complete. I have, however, changed some of the textures to avoid overdoing the rusting, degrading look to the map. I want to keep a dark, dirty feel to the map but not TOO much.

Another change is taking place as well, concerning the item system. The lockpicks and batteries are to be dropped as the resources required to run these items is too much and could be better utilized in physics, AI, detail and other areas. However, the Hacktools will be renamed MagTools (I think) and will be used to both pick locks and hack basic electronics. This will lead to better functionality from one device instead of 3, as it will replace the batteries as well. (Think Multitool from Deus Ex) This will free up a ton of resources for other things while not reducing functionality. The PDAs will remain intact.

Heres a little play vid for this update; the difficulty is a bit steep to start and Xfire makes my mouse all jumpy lately which compounds the difficulty. Laugh as I get owned in my own Mod...

Ci47 - - 145 comments

looking good though some things look a little out of place

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jjawinte - - 5,067 comments

Progressing wonderfully ! Keep at it man.

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