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This article will outline; the future of this mod; my future as a modder; the factions affected by this mod and other stuff.

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- The Elder Scrolls: Total War (1)

- Unofficial TES:TW Patch 1.31 (2)

In that order.

Then install MY submod on top (after) of both of these!

4th Era 1.0 Features

Retextures and Renames (Most Units in...):

- Clan of the Forebears

- Clan of the Crowned

- Kingdom of Wayrest

- Kingdom of Daggerfall

- Kingdom of Skyrim

- Tamriel Empire

A full overview of the new units can be seen here in this video made by yours truly (ITS A VERY BAD VIDEO):

But in case you didn't watch the whole thing I'll give you a rundown of the most important information.

Firstly, I want to discuss my involvement in the Unofficial Patch Team. I am mostly doing the same thing that I am on this mod. Creating new units, retexturing units and things along those lines. The unofficial team will be working extremely hard after the 1.4 update of TES:TW to balance, retexture and adjust new units and to create a whole plethera of new content like new, custom campaigns and new factions etc. GET EXCITED. So after 1.4 continue to download the latest patches on the Unofficial Patch to get the newest, hottest tamriel units and textures. I doubt I will keep updating this mod as some of my works on this mod will be implemented into the unofficial patch after September 1st anyway. That is the plan anyway.

Next I want to talk about the future of this here mod. I will strive to complete all remaining factions so

- All of the Dark Elves (Minus the Ashlanders because they are being retextured by Rafmc for the unofficial to be released in september)

- Some units in the Aldmeri Dominion

- Most Units in the Argonian Tribes and The Khajit Kingdoms.

Then when I am working on the unofficial patch team full time I am going to be creating all new units like the Penitus Oculatus and much more. Suggestions should be sent to me on moddb, my email ( or my total war center account.

Lastly my thanks and sappy stuff.

I want to thank the multiple mod teams that have made the base mods this sub-mod is based on. The enthusiastic community behind these mods including people like Alphonse12 and Rafmc. And finally Pixelated Apollo (who probably wont see this but whatever) for exposing my sub-mod to his audience.


Step 1: Install both the latest TES:TW and the latest TES:TW Unofficial Patch (found at top of article)

Step 2: Go to addons and click on 4th Era Retexture 1.0 then download.

Step 3: Extract the winrar file on your desktop.

Step 4: Navigate to your mods folder in your M2TW folder

Step 5: Take your 4th Era 1.0 open it and copy "The_Elder_Scrolls"

Step 6: Paste it in your M2TW mods folder.

Done. If you have any issues, suggestions or gripes again please message me here on Moddb, my email ( or my TWC account.

Protect those knees from arrows and things, enjoy the mod and good day stranger.


An excellent update! I adore Wayrest and Skyrim's designs, though the Windhelm Knights have little to distinguish them from Skyrim Knights, if anything, and I also adored the High Rock armor for their badass armor. Regardless, Wayrest's colorful emblems and shining plate as well and Skyrim varied yet uniformal nature are both superb. Come to think of it, with the Windhelm Knights, Winterhold Mages, and Markarth Reachmen, you almost have one unit for each of Skyrim's holds. Your only missing Whiterun, Solitude, Dawnstar, Riften, Falkreth, and Morthal. If you'd like, we can discuss that topic further in private. The Forebears and Crowned are significantly better than in vanilla, with the Crowned red appealing to me greatly, though the Forebears more militaristic look make me conflicted. Daggerfall is fine, but lacks uniqueness when compared to Wayrest. In all, wonderful.

Now to the main point; I love the idea of separating the Imperial units into separate Legions (4 Legion is best Legion :), and their shields are quite nice, but the Cyrodil Heroic Troops honestly bug me, probably the Skyrim style Regular Infantry. The emblems are nice, but the white color seems a loose fit. In any case, these are my humble opinions. The Oblivion-style armor does have a place in the roster, but the heroic troops seem fishy. Prehaps something resembling General Tulius' armor would be something to toy around with.

Never the less, this is a fine exhibition of your talents and I am eager to try this mod out.
Keep up the good work, and keep moving foreword.

A humble fan, Alphonse.

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(P.S: Thankd for the shoutout! :D)

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