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Just some concept art and lore/worldbuilding/dia. for some criminal elements and the weapons tech.

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"From | Dr. Rizsor | Cheif Scientist INFIL Gear Defense Corp."

RE:RE:RE: Direction?

Have you ever experienced what some call the zone, or a flow state? It is the state of pure awareness one experiences when entranced with the present. If you have you'd know it is fleeting, the moment you recognize and awknoledge its effects, they vanish. For the longest time I've wondered, this state that seems to be at the root of optimal performance, is it real, or is it just a by-product, an illusion of sorts. The science of this phenomenon dates back 200 years and it has been concluded that a flow state is the result of transient hypo frontality, or the disabling of areas in the frontal lobe of the brain. The area of the brain that is responsible for higher cognitive executive functions, morality, will, complex planning, and long term decision making. The state can be conjured naturally to some extent, some say it is catalyzed by taking part in an a challenge that is slightly above your skill level, or the line between boredom and anxiety, and its effects can also be enduced with simple flow triggers such as exercise and/or listening to music, but really it can unreliably occur in most activities so that says absolutely nothing.

I believe it is something different entirely, when you think outside of the box it becomes so obvious. A flow state is a halting of the recursive processes of the brain. I no longer believe this is the most performant human state, it is just the beginning. If I offload the recursion of mind to an external quantum processing unit, decode it, manipulate and transcode it, compile it and propagate it through the frontal cortex, I can create a framework for perceptual augmentation with vast implications.

I wouldn't say this to anyone else, but it worries me a bit that this may not be without some sacrifice. What does it mean to be in control, to have free reign over this vessel that contains a "soul" our body. Many who have experienced flow describe the experience as "being a passenger enjoying the ride". They do not feel like it was them acting in that moment. I'm concerned long term exposure to an artificially enduced augmented flow state will erode vital traits of the psyche, generate contingent brain pathways, and foster a dependence on the system, although that would likely take a very long time. Further testing will be required on the effects of long term exposure to the full spectrum of perceptual augmentations possible.

We'll need to convince the board of this bold new direction, can I count on your help?

Dr. Rizsor | Cheif Scientist INFIL Gear Defense Corp.


Command : "Unit 1, come in. I've got the cam feeds up. Over."

Command : "Avy, come in!"

Avy : "What? I'm busy.. the cache is still transferring, the HVT is captured and cooperating, and I'm just glancing through his emails as we wait, trying to find..."

Avy : "Don't fucking move.. Doc."

Dr. Rizsor : "There's nothing useful to you in my emails. If you want to le---"

Avy : "-- SHIT, aww what the fuckkkkkk.."

Command : "You've got incoming, they just heard you blow the HVT into a million pieces, this was supposed to be a sneaking mission! Capture and extract!!"

Avy : "So, not kill and confirm then? I'm not entirely at fault here c'mon, the damn gun-cable, umbillical, whatever the fuck snagged on the table and I pulled the trigger by accident.. it's just a poor design.. We still get like half, right? For the data?"

Command : "I thought you said you were a professional?"

Avy : "No no no I said I had some professional gear... that I have no fucking clue how to use except for the invisibility and murder buttons. I'm pretty sure this thing has a lot more nifty functionality to it but it didn't come with a manual, well atleast not from where I got it. Coincidentally, the HVT was the best man in the world to get a lesson from."

Command : "You have 10 seconds before they are busting down your door. Get out now!"

Avy : "It's done, got the files, hopping out of the window now."

Avy : "Umph, that fall hurt... oh shit hey, uhh Command, did you send another Unit here?"

Command : "Negative."

Avy : "'Cause there is someone else here... let me see...with fucking Infal gear shit, and it's just standing there down the alley staring me down."

Command : "You are the only one of us with that tech which is why you are there and not us, this was to be expected. You have stealth on, just don't move or draw attention to yourself and it won't notice you. "

Avy : "...Its definately noticed me already, what do I do!? Shit."

??? : "Behind the trash-recepticle. Surrender now or you will be obliterated."

Avy : "Hey I'm friendly ;) I will comply, this is totally a mis-understanding, I'm just going to get out from behind this dumpster, heyy that's a nice suit you've got what kind of loadout is tha... suprise mother fucker Pla-ket-ket-ket-ket!!!".

Avy : "Shit shit shit! I somehow whiffed every shot and now the stealths crapped out, I'm fucking running screw this. Oh fuck I'm going to have a panic attack. Re..loading.

Command : "Extraction is coming to you just don't die."

??? : "Dispatching threats. Target locked. Goodbye."

Avy : "I'm done for...Command tell my family..."

Avy : "..Holy fuck that was awesome I just turned and shot his round out of the air, I didn't mean to even do that"

Command : "Extraction coming in HOT get out of the way!!"

Avy : "Huah, I'm in, go go."

Avy : "Ah thanks Cabby, you saved my ass."

Ronyn : "It's Ronyn."

??? : "Re-targeting. Selecting tracking round. Calibrating. Hello."

Ronyn : "And no probl... wait what was that sound? It bugged us? Or just another bird-hit? Can't be to sure, we need to eject."

Avy : "What?!? We're over the water, don't make me swim. You'll short me out, I don't think this loadout is designed for aquatic shit."

Ronyn : "Sorry. Anywhere we go they'll be there to greet us. The craft will fly automatically for a while and draw them away. On 3."

Avy : "Stop, wait"

Ronyn : "3."

--Communications Signal Lost--

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