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Back to the articles! Showing off some in-game screenshots and talking about some stuff.

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Hey, funky person. Welcome to the 5th progress update.

I'll start this off by saying that you can still join the playtesting server to play GC22 builds, submit feedback and ideas. Here's the link:

Just so you know, you will be credited if you submit feedback or give an idea. If you don't want to be credited for whatever reason, then feel free to tell me about it and I'll remove your nickname from the credits.

Preferably, you shouldn't treat this as "hell yeah early access to videogame yahoo!!!", treat this as more of "im ready to break this shit and say what i dont like about it and maybe even give ideas".

Over the past couple months, I've been on a true sigma male modding grind and released the 2nd build on playtesting server. Much like Cyberpunk 2077, it was buggy due to me rushing it lol because there was no new builds over 2 months. But I took the time to fix it the next day, so it's all fine. I'm saying this, because I want to pay tribute to one of the funniest bugs and weirdest thing I've ever seen on this cursed engine:


So, I made a funny little room and decided to turn it into the meeting room. Placed a elite gucci carpet and placed some chairs around, "breenchair.mdl" more specifically. Turns out, those chairs CRASHED THE ENTIRE GAME if they moved by an inch. I didn't know about this at first ofc. It took me 3 - 4 hours to find out what was causing the crash and it wouldn't be possible without the brave soul that took time out of his day to play "fixed" versions of that map. The game stopped crashing when those chairs were removed. As a punishment, I replaced those elite-looking chairs with cheap foldable chairs.

What have I been up to????????????????

With the Build #2, I was focusing on making the "Gasmask Citizen 22 experience™" to be more refined and smooth (both look and gameplay wise).

ALL MAPS have been optimized and clipped. The increase in frames was pretty big! Never had framerate issues myself, but it's still nice to have stable 200+ FPS across all maps.

Here's some map comparisons between old and new:

(protip: right click on de image and open it in the new tab to view it in HD 4K quality)

Some other various changes

RAILG SAGA CONTINUES! Remember how I nerfed the RAILG by changing it's ammo? Well, that's changed now. I brought it back to it's original groove so to speak. Railg now has 5 bullets again and even has a functional scope, which is actually really useful. It quickly made it go from "situational gun i guess" to useful in every situation, especially in taking out snipers since they became powerful due to bullet change.

ICE AXE GOT JIGGLEBONES because why not!

SMOL GMAN IS NOW REAL!!! This allows for smol gman encounters to be more flexible. For example, I can actually make him walk away.

Closing stuff

This is all for this article. I know this ain't much, but I don't feel like spoiling the videojame for you.

When release? I dunno and now I don't wanna name any deadlines, because I was not able to actually deliver on them. Sad. But it might come out in 2022.

This joke didn't age well.

secret leaked e3 2069 footage

(watch at your own risk)


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