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Age of Arthur - version 2.0 is out! I hope you enjoy, please see change log listed in the below description.

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Age of Arthur 2 0

Change log:

  • includes all 1.1 fixes in version
  • removed salt-mines
  • fixed befriend sea captain quest
  • fixed opp errors when having a ship built for you
  • fixed demand tribute bug
  • polished some scenes
  • added two new town scenes (replaced some old ones)
    - new town scene for Alauna reworked
    - new town scene for Durocobrivis reworked
  • lowered probability of lords being killed in battle slightly
  • fixed one lord starting game as a child
  • added missing NPC child dialogs
  • tweaked some items, (balancing / changed some meshes/textures),
  • improved some face-codes.
  • fixed face slider definitions.
  • fixed recruiter dialog
  • fixed hiring recruiter / patrol dialog
  • added reset of player relations for new lords spawned
  • added new starting story quest.
  • increased relation hit when meeting enemy cultures
  • added new dynamic story quest.
  • added evil mab quest-lines (3 new quests + plus linking some of 13 treasures quests to evil quest line, not just good).
  • other minor tweaks and fixes.
  • added some missing camp dialogs
  • minor map polishing
  • fixed Camelot walls battle AI mesh
  • fixed issue preventing player from leaving a low moral duel
  • hopefully fire witches are now up-gradable
  • fixed save mother quest from starting in wrong place which caused bug
  • fixed a potential crash bug
  • fixed a rare, yet very annoying opt error

Final notes:

This is probably going to be one of the last major updates for this mod for awhile as I begin work on my next M&B project (Civilizations through Time), a mod inspired by Sid Meier's civilization, but using the M&B engine. If you would like to see more improvements to Age of Arthur (more quests, story-lines, features), or would just like to give thanks and support future projects please feel free to donate by clicking the link below. Hope you all enjoy the final version....for now :)


- Requires a new save game.

- Not compatible with Mac or Direct X 7.


Nice. Are you planning on realeasing the Module System to allow people to upload submods or patches after you end working on this mod?

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I would seriously reccommend putting up a proper summary with the factions listed, the full map and unique gameplay features (Like surprise attacking the defenders when they sally out). I have no idea what's in this mod, so I'm gonna have to play it to find out, but most people just won't bother unless they see something good in your summary.

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Lady_Ashwood Author

I could add some pictures of the map, but don't I already have a summary with a features list? Its on the summery page at the top under the're saying it should be longer?

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Wait, how did I not see that? I'm really confused...
Nope that's great, don't mind me.

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Mmm, I might need to play this version then perhaps write a guide full of that sort of stuff.(I’ve written 9 steam guides in the past already.)

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Lady_Ashwood Author

That would be awesome!! let me know if you need any questions answered.

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Hello, Lady_Ashwood and fans. Are there recommended video settings? Every battle larger than 50 troops per side my fps drops to sub 30 and it gets choppy. I have brytenwalda, VC, and other mods that dont have this same issue. Thanks btw this mod rules.

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