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Welcome back everyone! A while ago we released the long waited Fade to Black DLC...

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Welcome back everyone!
A while ago we released the long waited Fade to Black DLC
This update will include some explanations and informations about the release
With no further redo,lets get started:

1. Darkness Awaits! Base Mod updated!

The release if the 2nd DLC was yesterday/last night.
Time spent on this build and its restoring took a very big period of time.
Remaking the same maps and featured were hard,and always ended in breaking the game
Many times we added something new,the modification would not run in any way.
With so,many weapons,and a special feature: Night Vision were cut from final release
Here is a list of maps added from the download section:

Faded Line - Squad Survival/Exploration
Experience the Fault Line mission during night time,with low visibility,and more zombie hordes
Faded Skyscraper - Squad Survival/Exploration
The operation to clear the city from zombies is not over yet.Now we encounter the last stand...
Faded Factory - Squad Survival/Exploration
"Cure is closer to us then we think of! We must check everything,no matter the weather outside!"

Alpha Squad is a team featured in Fade to Black DLC.They are the main protagonists of the maps this time
Take over civilians/army/navy and start defending the cities or territories with experimental weapons to find the long lost recipe to the cure for the deadly zombie virus.

2. Main Modification updates. The story behind 2014 name!

Story Time:

This is the long wanted answer: Why the modification contains year 2014?
In the past we released Project Zombie Strike (from 1.0 up to 4.3)
Who would like to have a modification name like: Project Zombie Strike 5 - The 5th meeting with zombies!
To make all clear,the 2014 year was the gold age in our evolution to make better modifications.
With so,we decided to make a story revolving the 2014 year,and so the name was decided as this one
Of couse,before the modification was called "Reality" instead of Strike,but due to community confusion,the modification name was changed so players wont have to ask themselves: "What is happening here?"

Modification update:

You might think: "These dudes only brought us this patch and thats it.What an useless patch!"
We learned from our mistakes like the original Project Zombie Strike release
With each DLC release,we also bring fixes and updates to the base game.
Even Legacy Times DLC got new weapons and some issues being fixed
Never letting aside the main game is our top priority.
Who would like to play a modification which is broken at default maps,but DLC's working well?
Ending in this note,we will never let aside the main modification

3. Future Updates? 2 Years on Moddb!

Of course they are coming to the modification!
A lot of bugs and glitches still can be found,no matter how hard we try to find them.
Thats why updates like Beta or V1.1 exist in the download section
We improve the build quality,and also add new features and content.
Without this rich community which follows us,we wouldn't be present here
Thats why YOU are the most important part of our releases!
Thank you for sticking with us,even in pending back in 2014

Because of that,we will include special gift for the players in the next update!
From a small zombie mode to a full version release and rich community...

This is it for this weeks update
Thank you everyone for following us!
More updates are coming soon.

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