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For this post I write about the 10th anniversary of my mod, Alliance at War. I do hope everyone enjoys the read. (^:

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Writing this post is... Not hard, but... It has really been 10 years since I started this mod. I somewhat remember in 2012 I started exploring the game files in January or February of that year, then later on I uploaded what was then called "Violet Alliance" on March 3rd of that year. I consider that to be sort of... Baby-AaW or Proto-AaW. Well since the very first upload, I have watched my mod grow and now here it is 10 years later. I have met a lot of nice gamers and modders over the years come and go.

Anyway, I should probably get to the patch notes.

* Resized some icons on the dashboard for tactical battles.

* Fixed an issue with one of the CP's not showing up on Corellia.

* Increased the cost to research and or steal Tech. Note: only most Tech, not all.

* Reduced the Hailfire Droid missile recharge time by half a second.

* Slightly edited the colors of the Imperial dashboard among more UI texture edits.

* Reduced the size scale of all Dark Troopers.

* Slightly resized some blaster projectiles for some land units.

* Fixed an issue with General Veers AT-AT main laser cannons.

* AT-AA's now have a minimum fire distance.

* MPTL rounds will now sound more damaging when they hit a target.

* Buffed the base damage dealt by Wookiee Warriors and Chewbacca.

* The Firing Range upgrade has been renamed to Improved Targeting and now increases firing range to 30 and 35%. Was 25 and 30%.

* The Kamino land map for both GC and Skirmish has been slightly edited.

* Added the planet Ithor.

* Added a new Trade Route: Celanon Spur.

* Fixed an issue where the Bespin Gas Collectors on the Bespin Space Skirmish maps would partially disappear when moving away from them.

* Major Trade Routes have been reset back to vanilla stats, Minor Trade Routes have been nerfed... Slightly.
They will only provide 50% of what Major Trade Routes grant.

* Updated the Droid Hint audio que.

* Fixed a problem where a background structure may not appear on Ord Mantell.

* Slightly improved the U-wing's rate of turn and rate of fire.

* Fixed more text errors.

* AT-AP hit points have increased by 200. Was 300, is now 500.

* The Nebula-class SD Prototype will no longer spawn based on Tech Level and can now only be built on Coruscant at Tech Level 5.

* The following GC's have had their starting credits increased:
Rim World Conflict
Closing on Coruscant
Empire Surrounded
Galactic Conflict
The Shipyards of Kuat

* Added the TX-130 Repulsortank (Abandoned Imperial Heavy Vehicle Factory only).

* Renamed the Victory II-class Star Destroyer to Victory I-class, gave it additional hardpoints,
removed its ion cannon, added concussion missile launchers and the Power to Weapons ability with the Full Salvo ability.

* Construction Docks have a new radar icon. Was a square, is now a more proper outline.

* Assault Frigate Mark II now has an addition Laser Cannon and now carries a single X-wing squadron.

* Increased the projectile speed for both Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire bombardments.

* Resized Interceptor IV frigate and replaced its Power to Shields ability with Power to Engines.

* Improved some explosion textures.

* Slowed the Rebel Infiltrator running animation.

* Acr Hammer now has four additional turbolaser hardpoints.

* Reduced Moraband's max starbase level by one.

* Removed Custom G.C. setting for the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance.

* MC80 Star Cruiser now has two additional Hardpoints in the form of concussion missile launchers.

* Mandalorians will now fight for the Rebel Alliance on Mandalore.
Text info box during tatictal battles for this has also been updated.

* AT-AA Walkers now have the "Ordanance Swap", have been reclassified from a Light Walker to a Medium Walker and have been moved to the Heavy Vehicle Factory in Skirmish.

* The Enhanced Reactor and Light Reflective Armor upgrades will no longer affect AT-AA Walkers,
but Heavy Reflective Armor upgrades will.

* Changed audio sound for when the Anit-Vehicle Turrets fire.

* Pirate Command Center no longer garrisons unlimited vehicles.

* Pirate Asteroid Base no longer garrisons unlimited Frigates and Corvettes.

* The starbase positions on the Endor skirmish map has been slightly moved back to make the map more roomy.

* Mouse over icon texture effects for the unit build buttons have been added to Skirmish.

* Skirmish build buttons have changed color.

* Redone the Skirmish land Kessel map to look closer to Canon.

* Fixed an issue on the Skirmish land Kessel map that caused artillery and rocket projectile to detonate mid-air.

* MC80a now has four more hardpoints.

* MC75 ion cannons have had their base damage lowered by 5. Was 40, is now 35.

* Yaga Minor should load the correct space map now.

* Redone ship Pop Cap numbers for tactical battles. Class number are as followed:
Corvette: 2
Frigate: 3
Cruiser: 4
Heavy Cruiser: 4
Star Destroyer: 5
Battlecruiser: 6
Dreadnaught: 7

Galactic Conquest Pop Cap numbers are as followed:
Corvette: 2
Frigate: 3
Cruiser: 3
Heavy Cruiser: 3
Star Destroyer: 4
Battlecruiser: 4
Dreadnaught: 4

* MC75 Star Cruiser shield have been reduced by 1000 HP. Was 9000, is now 8000.

* The forward center laser cannon on the Nebulon-B has been replaced with a concussion missile launcher.

* Nebulon-B has lost its Power-to-Weapons ability and gain the Sensor Ping ability.

* Space upgrades now affect the Executor-class Dreadnaught.

* The Muunilist map now has rain added to its list of weather effects and has gained an additional build slot. Was 6, is now 7.

* Immobilizer 418 Cruiser can now be built in Skirmish again. Its Interdiction ability now possesses a countdown timer, too.

* Reduced Zann Consortium Palace credit bonus.

* Thermal Impoders now have a delay to damage when they go off, as was intended.

* All Starfighters with shield generators have had their shields boosted by factor of x1.5.

* T-wing shields have been nerfed by 15 HP.

* Credits generated from Corruption have been reduced by half.

* Increased GC camera speed.

* Added a nerfed version of the Eclipse-class Dreadnaught to Skirmish.

* Edited the Eclipse-class texture. Is darker now.

* Felucia's max starbase level has been increased by one and Rancors have been added to its land GC map.

* Speeder Bikes will now strafe their targets.

* Increased the max starting Pop Cap and the max allowed Pop Cap for the Dagobah GC map.

* Taris can now produce capital ships.

* Kyle Katarn should now appear in The Conflict Begins GC.

* Fondor can build one additional structure. Was 3, is now 4. Its map has slightly opened up a bit more,
and the attacker entry point has moved to the Southern area of the map.

* Mandalore's GC and Skirmish land maps has been redone to be somewhat closer to Canon.

* Fixed multiple issues where some upgrades would not affect allied players.

* Improved some space background textures.

* Added more music.

* The Zann Consortium can now purchase unique stolen units from certain secondary structures in space Skirmish.
- Hutt Asteroid Base
Tartan-class Patrol Cruiser
Marauder-class Corvette

- Merchant Dock
CR90 Corvette
Acclamator II-class Assault Ship

* Assault Frigate Mark. II Power to Weapons ability has been replaced for Assault ability.

The Geonosis, Polus, Kessel, Endor and Bespin space Skirmish maps can now support 3 players. Up from 2.

* Heros can no longer be purchased from Skirmish starbases level I-III, except for Fleet Commanders.

* Fixed the scaling issues with the Slave I and GR-75 Medium Transport when they are landing.

* Worked on the Molavar map a bit more.

* Added Imperial Sharpshooters for the Galactic Empire.

* Aeten II is now in its former state with an updated space map and historical info.

* Mining Facilities can no longer be built on Muunilinst.

* The Alderaan, Saleucami, Polis and Shola land Skirmish maps can now support 3 players. Up from 2.

* Reduced the Autoresolve Health point number of the Skiff Team for all factions to 50. Was 250.

* AA flack projectiles will now deal more damage to speeder bikes.

* T2-B Tanks and T47 Airspeeder units now have the Laser Barrage ability.

* Victory I-class Star Destroyer has had its Power to Shields ability replaced with Tractor Beam.

* The S-Foil lock/unlock audio has been changed.

* Increased space battle render distance.

* Updated the Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer model.

* The Strike-class Cruiser can no longer be purchased until a level 3 Starbase in Skirmish.

* Added the Venator II-class Star Destroyer for the Galactic Empire.

* The civilians on Fresia will now support the Rebel Alliance during land tactical battles.

* Mechis III's max starbase level has been increased by 1.

* Added the planet Alpooine.

* Added the planet Pesitiin.

* Most GC's will now begin with all planets revealed.

* Added the planet Entooine.

* Moved all maps into a Meg file. I believe this will help with stability.

* Added the planet Kuratooine.

* T-wing Squadron's have moved from the main starbase to the Merchant Dock in Skirmish.

* Rescaled a number of land units to their more lore-accurate size.

* Fixed some enemy target issues with DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid, Yoda and the VT-49 Decimator.

* The number of planets in Equal Footing has been reduced to 78 for stability reasons.

* The GC version of the Eclipse-class Dreadnought now has turbolasers, ion cannons, and a compliment of starfighters.

* The Comm. Jamming Station is now locked out from being built.

* Most planets with restricted access to the planets surface have had the Corruption Removal cost reduced by 50%.

* Slightly edited Boba Fetts icon.

* Acclamator II-class Cruiser has been renamed to Acclamator II-class Assault Ship,
and has had its Power to Weapons ability replaced with the Assault ability.

* TIE Maulers now have the Hunt ability.

* Most of all space units have gone through a speed rebalance.

*Rescaled almost every space unit in game to their more Canon sizes... Again. They are even more closer now.

* Sargesso Asteroids is now a playable Skirmish map.

* Both Shola GC and Skirmish space maps have a different planet model now.

* Muunilinst is now a playable Skirmish map.

* Added rain weather to the Muunilinst land GC and Skirmish maps.

* Gave a few Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire starfighters more audio ques straight from Galactic Battlegrounds RTS game.

* T4-B's now have the Assault ability.

* AAC-1 tanks now have the Hunt ability.

* Improved the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance orbital bombardments and reduced the number of ships that initiate them. I.E.: Only ships with both ion and turbolaser cannons can initiate them.

* Increased the max number of Hero units that be in a Raid force. Was 1, is now 2.

* Removed a units weakened state when they exit their transports and or exiting hyperspace.

* Druckenwell now possesses its own unique land map.

* Mechis III planet credit value has been raised to 60. Was 40.

* Victory I-class Star Destroyers can now only be build at capital class shipyards.

* Removed the Power to Engines ability from the Tartan-class Patrol Cruiser and replaced it with the Hunt ability.

* Updated the model to the 2-M Repulsortank, removed it anti-infantry laser and gave the Hunt ability.

* AT-AT's now have a new ability "Brisk".

* Dark Troopers have moved from the land production build tabs to the space production build tabs.

* Hailfire Droid base damage per salvo has increased by 5 points. Was 20, is now 25.

* The Vactooine map now has rain added to its list of weather effects and has been very slightly lightened.

* Text color changes for the end Battle Summary screen.

* Zann Consortium Mass Driver turret will now deal additional damage to infantry.

* Almost all infantry save for infantry-base Hero units, have had their HP reduced by 50%.

* Added the TIE Punisher as a non-buildable unit. Unit can spawn from Interdictor-class SD's and Secutor-class SD's.

* Sensor Node Sight Range has increased by 50%.

* Rhen Var has gained an additional build slot. Was 4, is now 5.

* Fondor civilians will now fight for the Galactic Empire.

* Polis Massa and Kashyyyk max starbase level has been increased by 1. Was max level 2, is now max level 3.

* Added a "Public Opinion" line in the GC planetary text box.

* Mantooine max starbase level has been decreased by 1. Was max level 4, is now max level 3.

* Myrkr base credit output has increased to 35 credits per week, was 5. Its max starbase level has been decreased by 1. Was max level 1, is now max level 2.

* The bonus Field and Fleet Commanders provide has been changed. Was 25% HP bonus and 50% Sight Range increase, is now 25% defense bonus and 10% firing range increase.

* Buffed the damage output ion cannons deal towards shields... Again.

* The MPTL-2a and and SPMA-T now have the Barrage ability.

* Mintooine has been added to the Perlemian Trade Route.

* Klatooine has been added to the Pabol Hutta Trade Route.

* Added the Recusant-class Destroyer for the Rebel Alliance.

* Added the Kessel Run Trade Route.

* Increased the starting number of neutral planets for the "Origin of Corruption" GC BY 2.

* Corulag and Ralltiir have been removed from the Perlemian Trade Route and have be very slightly moved on the GC map.

* Reduced the time it takes to capture a Build Pad and Satellite Pads by 50%.

* The Imperial Star Destroyer has been renamed to Imperial II-class Star Destroyer.

* Replaced the TIE Bomber model with a better more updated model.

* The "Heart of the Maw" GC planet count has increased by 2.

* The "Gateways" GC planet count has been reduced by 6. Was 60, is now 54.

* The planet model for Bothawui has been replaced to bring it closer to Canon.

* Boz Pity Racketeering requirements have been reduced. Intimidation mission requirements was 2, is now 1.

* The Bothawui land Skirmish map has been removed.

* The planet model for Nal Hutta has been replaced to bring it closer to Canon.

* Slightly increased the size of starbases... Again.

* The Nebulon-B model has been replaced with one that looks more closer to Canon.

* Nebulon-B now carries a squadron of X-wing starfighters.

* Rotated the land GC Kashyyyk map by 90 degress and increased its build slot by one. Was 4, is now 5.

* Klatooine's land map has been replaced with a different map and its space map has been slightly edited.

* Added Sandstorm weather to the Geonosis land GC and Skirmish maps.

* Increased the size of the Zann Consortium Palace by 25%.

* Infantry Bunkers now garrison a max of 3 units. Was 5.

* Felucia now supports up to 4 players, but is still limited to 3 teams.

I had some players point out some CTD's. I was aware of it, it just took time to not only find them, but fix them. I believe I have gotten them all. I am not going to say things are 100% better, but the game is stable now.

There is a lot more I wanted to add for this update, but as the anniversary update drew closer and closer, I had to start thinking more about getting the update ready to ship. I have a list of things I want to add, so hopefully next time.

10 years... I was 19 almost 20 when I started working on this. Now here we are years later. I have been asked if coding for work is something I wanted to do with my life. No. I never wanted to go to school for coding. This has always been a hobby. I am not paid for it, so I can only really do it in my free time. People might say, "well if you have done this much, why not?" It is just a hobby I do in my free time. Only my free time. Yes, it has been 10 years, but even over the course of 10 years, it was still only ever in my free time.

As always, I do appreciate any feedback one can give. It can be good or bad, just any is better than nothing.

Happy 10th birthday, Alliance at War. I have watched you change and grow over time. I feel like a parent or something, ha. I do not know. I think saying that might offend some parents. "You know nothing about kids." I have just watched my mod grow and it has really affected my life in some ways over the course of a decade. ':^D

I make no claims to be an expert modder or to have the best mod, but here is what the community is telling me.
Alliance at War

Also, here is the mods Discord channel.

{HEROIC}Elite - - 808 comments

Awesome post! Always glad to see you are still around and active. Reach out anytime, friend, and keep up the great work!


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Larry-3 Author
Larry-3 - - 667 comments

Thank you, Elite. I do appreciate that, it does mean a lot.(^:

Also, this article was supposed to appear at exactly 12 AM tonight, but I did not set the timer. 'X^D

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