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Hello again, one more poll for now on another major matter.

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The results of the Pirate Poll were fairly one sided. Most people want corruption removed, so remove it I shall. However I do plan to leave Black Markets in if I can get round to doing it without making a mess because the Pirates need it for tech.

Ill probably end up doing an optional download however for those who like corruption.

So the next Poll on another big issue is on destructible hard points. I do like them but I removed it because it's easier to balance the mod. However I've done a lot of internal restructuring of code to make it easier for future coding so I may bring them back by default. Until the next version and results of the Poll destructible hard points are an optional download.

Whatever the results of the poll ill probably keep the optional download for the alternative.

Once again thank you for the support, without which the mod would be nothing. Just for a bit of a tease here is the list of changes made so far to 0.6.0:

-Resized some fighters that were too big;
-Remade all fighter/bomber squadrons to have 12 ships;
-Nerfed fighters/bombers against bigger ships;
-Redone victory wings ability so it is time limited;
-Lowered the starbases incredibly high shield refresh rate making them too hard;
-Redid the commercial space dock so it is only a level 1 station and has functioning hardpoints;
-Made larger infantry squads of 12 men;
-Changed the pirates colour to a yellow-orange;
-Fixed broken kamino ground map and space map;-Re-added shipyards to galactic conquest;
-Made all planets slightly smaller;
-Removed the pelleaon and tie predator as they didnt fit with Era;
-Remade MC80 Liberty, new model;
-Added MC80a;
-Added MC80b;
-Added an alternate "All Planets" Gc mode with Pirates;

Pirates are invading GC mode even more! And they had a paint job...

Many thanks, poll below


Do you want hardpoints to be destructible?

sinay - - 370 comments

I feel like I could go either way with hard points, they're nice but not necessary if it would harm the overall gameplay.

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_w_ - - 6,176 comments

If thd points are well defended or placed within the blisters/plating, i prefer non-destructible. However some weapons and engines are so obvious that it seems silly to not have a hardpoint.

So neither fully for me.

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pincuishin - - 572 comments

The pellaleon was horrible for some reason btw add some other things for the empire though they have such a diverse list to choose from and as for hardpoints I would say leave them I guess you could always just add missiles/torpedoes don't bypass shields I see that quite often.

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megavin123 - - 1,024 comments

Well about the hp's, in my projects I have the hardpoints untargetable, but still destroyable; this gives it a much more realistic feeling. When ships are clashing they just target random hp's which will eventually blow up, and you can also make it so that it doesn't require all hp's to be destroy in order to destroy a ship.

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adam5278 - - 65 comments

I like hard points as you could target specific parts of the ship to destroy. Take the engines for example, if you destroyed them they would be able to get away very fast so you could finish them off.

In addition it gives you more of a chance when defending as they have to target different things letting you keep your ships alive for a little longer giving you a better chance.

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ngforever1989 - - 112 comments

I like the idea of system and heavy weapon hardpoints, like engines and heavy turbolasers, but make them tough. While lighter weapons would be really hard to hit because of size This idea is made irrelevant if you ever made weapons from capitals not super accurate while targeting hardpoints, seeing a ship hit another ship but not always hitting its exact target is a piece of realism I would enjoy.

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Khanti - - 452 comments

Most hardpoints should NOT be visible / destroyable. Exceptions are: engines, some shield deflectors, hangars, big turrets.

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