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There's not much to say, besides the improvements over alpha3

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There's really not much to say, but at least there's something to talk about:

There's much more content in the .7z file than it was in alpha3/demo1.

So here's some of it:

-Added the new "Training Room", which is not really the training room, but more like a first chapter.

-150+ lines of code is now compiled into the dlls!

-New maps, a new sprite and some test maps

-I cleaned the unnecessary trash

-Faulty code removed

-Voice acting, it's quite cheesy, but at least i have something to begin with...

-A few new sounds, mostly replacements


-gamestartup.ogg is included, and i'm still trying to configure what tone and mood should it have, instead of this squashy one.

-And more changes...

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