Zombie Master is a multiplayer Source modification, centred around a zombie-apocalypse, which throws all but one player in the shoes of human survivors. Pitched against a relentless tide of rotting flesh, they must scavenge for weaponry and equipment just to stay alive. But that one player, chosen randomly at the beginning of the round, is not bound by mortal restraints. To speak his name is to invite the wrath of hell - but most call him the 'Zombie Master'. He is nigh omnipotent. His invisible hand controls the legions of undead like puppets on strings; slowly closing the net on the humans while they run to and fro like rats in a maze.

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Zombie Master 1.2.1 released

Zombie Master 1.2.1 released

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A new version of the FPS/RTS mod Zombie Master has been released in the form of 1.2.1, bringing bugfixes and balance tweaks after the large 1.2.0 update.

Zombie Master 1.2.0 released

Zombie Master 1.2.0 released

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The large 1.2.0 update to ZM finally comes to ModDB. The update adds new weapons, a new zombie type, and many other new features and bugfixes.

Zombie Master 1.1.3 patch released!


Yes, betwixt 1.1.2 and the fabled 1.2.0, we've released a 1.1.3 patch to deal with the griefing going about, and to fix some longstanding bugs. ...

Zombie Master - 1.1.2 release

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We've reached 1.1.2, hopefully the last quick-patch before the next large infusion of content. So, the things fixed so far: Weapons sometimes hard...

Zombie Master - 1.1.1 massive bugfix release!

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We bring you a sizeable update in the form of 1.1.1. Next to various updates and additions, this update includes some new weapon models from the hands...

Gamezombie.tv Video Review of Zombie Master

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A video review for the mod Zombie Master, with game capture and info about the modification. Check it out on youtube at: or check gamezombie.tv in the...

Zombie Master - 1.1.0 release!

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Woo! Zombie Master has reached 1.1.0 - two new additional maps, and a number of bugfixes! Due to files becoming inconsistant, we've simply released...

Zombie Master 1.0.2 Patch Released!

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Again, slightly belated news. We released another patch to Zombie Master last night. - Added the MAC 10 - Increased drifter attack range - Fixed Spectator...

Zombie Master - Release/Patch

News 6 comments

A little late, but we released our Beta a week ago, and yesterday released a patch and the files required to host Dedicated Servers on Linux. Zombie Master...

Zombie Master Videos!

News 2 comments

We've recently released 3 videos via YouTube, showing a little of what we have in store. Video #1 Video #2 Video #3

Short Video Released

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Just to prove we're doing stuff: -Angry Lawyer

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