ZODIAC is a set of six single player missions for Deus Ex. As Paul Denton, the augmented brother of JC Denton, you will: * Discover why the President is risking a nuclear confrontation. * Break into CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to uncover some of the world's best kept secrets. * Solve the mystery of dozens of missing UNATCO troops. * Use all-new weapons and meet new characters. * Travel to new locations including: CIA Headquarters Buenos Aires Page Biotech Holloman Air Force Base And more! * Full custom soundtrack by Steve Foxon ("Orak")

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This zip file contains the Windows installer and Read Me file for Deus Ex: ZODIAC. ZODIAC requires Deus Ex version 1.109 or later. Any multiplayer patch later than March 2, 2001 should work. You can find the version 1.112fm patch here:


Thanks a lot for this great mod. DEUS EX was one of best games ever unlike DEUS EX 2.

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Great Mod ^^

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in the map before paul enters a crypt to fight some grays, there is three rooms and one room is open the other has a zodiac memember inside but i can't find a key to open the door.

John A

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Very epic, past the CIA headquarters.

The CIA headquarters started with some great hype music as you breach the first gate (the tower was sort of pointless), the CIA headquarters had great atmosphere but not the best design, a bit empty and had a few problems with not enough multi-tools/ lockpicks at the biggining.

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At the second level as you go underground, it becomes clear that this is a big mod, as you go down the sublevels, they get a bit repetitive but bits of great atmosphere (the jumping chamber to get to that grey coffin had great atmosphere, even though nothing really happened, but that big cavern filled with (pods?) really reminded me of that eeriness in half life 2 where you enter that maniacs slave assembly line.

Small glitch with the c4 where you're supposed to blow up that science chamber, it didn't work oh well.

Major glitch near the end of the second part where you have to get the code for that elevator, the prisoner pods, there's a dead end there, don't know what to do. I cheated and went ghost through the door into the elevator, the next level you get an alien as an ally, so you probably had to talk to him in the prison pod?

From there, the airforce base is a great little sniper time, good atmosphere as you hunt from hanger to hanger, small dead end at the 747 (I could of sworn the president was there, the secret service agents really made you think it was a glitch and he just didn't appear). Anyways, then you go into that hanger and you go down and cross a long rail on a tram (with a great but simple synthesize voice, which really made the game come alive for the first time as there is no voice dialogue). The underground bunkers were great atmosphere, you hook up with the president and then make your way into a science area with an alien ufo artifact. The UFO was great and had a special shine to it which made it even more believable, the shape and reflection of it really reminded me of the UFO in the movie Flight of the Navigator.

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Then the final part, Egyptian flavored tombs with extra terrestrial feel. I found the first chamber a bit boring to navigate but again had great atmosphere. Then you get into the lower chambers where the aliens have their society and it also had great atmosphere. Small trouble trying to find c4, so if you take that MIB womans choice to join her, it's much easier.

So all in all, very epic mod with a few glitches and maybe some level design flaws.

GREAT atmosphere.


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Looking back at all of my PerfectDark MISSION'S, now knowing that the one's I wanted to Show, I can't and are the Future, and are still CLASSIFIED.

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I have updated Zodiac to load appropriate high-quality meshes from HDTP Release 2, and added high-resolution UI and some Zodiac-specific bugfixes. See Moddb.com


Changes I've made:

Bugs fixed:
- no more huge light bulb showing instead of blue glowing sphere in MJ12 mainframe and Egypt reactor

Loading high-def meshes from HDTP for the Zodiac-specific object analogues:
- Paul Denton
- grays and their carcasses
- personal computer
- phone

The following Zodiac belt and inventory icons were freshly re-rerendered in 24-bit and high resolution:
- C4
- Joshua rifle
- Energy Clip ammo

High-quality upscaling of:
- remaining belt & inventory icons (Zap soda, biomatter sample)
- data vault images
- computer logos
- InfoLink portraits

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My favorite level mod, tied with 2027.

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This mod doesnt work.. Its clearly made by an idiot.

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