ZODIAC is a set of six single player missions for Deus Ex. As Paul Denton, the augmented brother of JC Denton, you will: * Discover why the President is risking a nuclear confrontation. * Break into CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to uncover some of the world's best kept secrets. * Solve the mystery of dozens of missing UNATCO troops. * Use all-new weapons and meet new characters. * Travel to new locations including: CIA Headquarters Buenos Aires Page Biotech Holloman Air Force Base And more! * Full custom soundtrack by Steve Foxon ("Orak")

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I'm a man of few words (at the moment). This is one of the best, most polished mods for Deus Ex I've ever played. It's one of the more fun single player mods, period. Play this mod.

Love this game! Kept me interested for hours!
Deus Ex for life.



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Real add-on mod to the original game. Story is perfectly integrated to the original plot. Very good work, Paul Denton rules!

Story, Gameplay, and music are fantastic. Bugs and no voice acting bring it down.

Has the closest feeling to a Deus Ex game. Parts that need grandeur really hit the spot, and some others are minimalistic yet deliver. Despite what others say I think the story fits quite nicely with the lore. My only complain is technical : you can't play in bigger resolutions for an extended period of time or else you will lag hard.


Zodiac.exe missing


Blade_Sword says

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This mod is a great mod, though it does lack of certain things like voice acting, non forced fights as some enemies are hardly avoidable, and well those talking aliens for some reason.
It kind of fit deus ex continuity and in an other way not really.
It's been praised and yeah it's a great mod and one of the firsts big ones to introduce new weapons, some newish enemies, but the greatest part was the creativity related to the level design.
This is where the mod truly shines, most of the traps differed from the original game and for the better.
Interactivity is great even if some areas lack of detail or are mostly corridors, the AI is a bit problematic as in some areas the AI doesn't react very well and it doesn't have space to maneuver.

I love the mod nonetheless, it actually provides more medkits to be reliable upon them which the original game didn't do very well
The more abundant presence of certain munition types makes some loadouts more relevant, the assault rifle is still a bad weapon, but the abundance of grenades makes it quite useful.
The choices are a bit lacking, but since its a Deus Ex prequel with Paul Denton, I think it's a bit logical to not have many.
Some areas are every expensive and propose truly great maps to explore.
The mendatory C4 ing isn't great but well it makes sense in an other hand. The laser rifle is fun to use although not well compatible with shifter as you don't gain XP by killing aliens for some reason.

Still in the exploration area this mod delivers, there is secret walls in addition to the classic ventilation shafts.
If there is one complaint I have to make is that some non return areas are a bit misplaced and sometimes some switches who should be obvious are a bit too well hidden. also the pictures supposed to serve as a plan are a bit confusing.
Still my complaints are truly minor because the mod is near as good as deus ex, it's fun to play and the high score proves that it still holds up today


Very nice mod. Great soundtrack and gameplay with a very compelling story (that only slight loses a bit a steam towards the end). The level design in Zodiac is exceptionally well done, so kudos for that. Overall an immensely satisfying DX experience. Thank you to all involved.


kocmo says

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Feels like an innate part of Deus Ex campaign, not like a 3rd-party total conversion.


This is a really really cool mod!
The missions are really enjoyable, not too easy and not too hard. Loved Egypt!
The music is really great too.
And the laser rifle is an awesome addition to the mod! Just wish there were a little bit more ammo. in the world.
Voice acting for the mod would be awesome!
It's be great if there were some voluntaries!

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I'm a man of few words (at the moment). This is one of the best, most polished mods for Deus Ex I've ever played. It's one of the more fun single player mods, period. Play this mod.

Dec 15 2013 by yarrrjun