- A mod for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge that adds new infantry units, vehicles, aircrafts, buildings and turrets for all factions in game.

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For download and install this mod, read our guide in Tutorials section.

Here are the main innovations in mod 'Revolution'

With Red Alert 2 were added new vehicles and many innovations over
its predecessor. Then came the expansion Yuri's Revenge, with some new features
with the addition of the whole faction Yuri. Then, I myself decided to implement
this wonderful game, creating an extensive modification that became known as 'Red Alert
Revolution'. This mod, considered a real expansion, includes a multitude of new units
(infantry, aircraft and fast attack vehicles), new structures and turrets,
AI very competitive and a balance that makes it smooth and homogeneous at each battle.


Let's take a look at most of the innovations of this expansion:


Many news in this expansion: 60 new units (between infantry, vehicles, ships and aircraft),
about 10 new structures (including buildings and defensive towers),
graphic restyling and new character icons.

A.I. boosted

The AI now turns out to be really competitive.
There are 3 difficulties of play: normal, hard and very hard.
Therefore, it's not present the difficulty 'easy' so you should become
familiar with Red Alert 2 before coming to this mod.

A.I. smart system

AI is able to shift troops to key points of the base,
in order to defend the strategic points of the base and also for to increase the possibility
of detecting spies (the dogs were eliminated because all units in the game,
unless the robotized unit, are able to recognize the enemy spies)


The Instant Popup is just a quick glimpse of what it can do the selected unit.
Put the mouse over it you will see a text that will indicate the name, price,
and one of the following abbreviations:


AG - Anti Ground (can attack ground units);

AA - Anti Air (can attack air units);

AN - Anti Naval (can attack naval units);

SP - Special (has special abilities, most commonly indicates that the selected unit is capable of carrying other people);

S - Sensor (the selected unit has a sensor that can detect the units 'stealth' or invisible).

Balanced gameplay

The gameplay is incredibly balanced. The ranking system works well,
it often happened (in Red Alert 2) that at the achievement grade 'veteran' or 'elite' by one unit,
it became virtually unbeatable, something that now is not the case.

Differentiated Nations

Before (in Red Alert 2) each nation had only 1 special unit that differed from all other
nations. Now every nation has 4 exclusive technologies that other countries do not have.
In addition, each faction (Allies, Soviets, yuri) have technology that other
factions do not have.

Graphical improvements

New graphics for some buildings and units. Moreover, the infantry is now visibly smaller
(the first infantry units were very disproportionate!).

Audio improvements

New sound effects, new music in start menu and new voices for many of the units in the game.


Added several game modes that can be chosen in "Skirmish and Multiplayer's" sections

New units

In the expansion 'Red Alert Revolution' were added many land and naval units.
Here is a complete list of units in the game:


Anyone familiar with Red Alert 2 might turn up a little his nose and think that the best unit is Tanya. Real Pros of this game know that Chrono Legionnaire are devastating, and here are the reasons:

1. It can recruit endless Chrono Legionnaire, and only one Tanya;

2. The Chrono Legionnaire can move instantly to any point on the map;

3. When the Chrono Legionnaire attacks it blocks the enemy's attack and then in practice it eliminates from the battlefield an enemy unit.


You can recruit one Boris, but this character is very strong:
it is able to face a tank on its own, instantly killing the enemy soldiers and
is able to call an air-strike by designating a building as a target enemy.


Yuri Prime can control the mind of an enemy infantry unit,
take possession of an enemy tank if it is close enough,
and he is also able to control an enemy building if close enough.


A tie with the Battle Fortress (also very powerful if used intelligently),
his only real weakness is his strength. In fact, it can explode while suffering
very few shots in return is the only unit that will allow you to hit the enemy from a
considerable distance. Kill the soldiers quite easily and if used with other Prism Tank,
will allow you to easily destroy any enemy building or turret.

BEST SOVIET TANK: Apocalypse Tank
It's the unit more complete and stronger in the game.
This tank has an excellent strength, awesome firepower,
and is even able to shoot at air units. His weak point, if so you can define, is speed.

Despite the magnetron unit is really good (able to move away enemy units from the distance),
the Master Mind is a unit devastating if used together with other Master Mind.
It can control an unlimited number of enemy units (except of course the robot),
but as soon as it controls more than 3 units, it begins to degrade.
That's why, when used in small groups, they become very dangerous.


If you manage to get enough money to buy at least 4 of these planes,
then you can use these planes to defend your base from enemy raids.
When you see the enemy get close to your base, command your units to carry out a bombing.
Enemy units that survive will still be severely damaged. Also excellent on the attack
to hit the buildings and structures most expensive of the enemy (before to attack,
however, is a must send in black-out the enemy base).


These Flying Fortresses are the slowest of the game,
but when they able to penetrate into the enemy base,
nothing and nobody can stop them. They can wipe out an entire enemy base in few seconds.
The best technique is to build a large group of these units and attack power plants and
then move on to more important buildings (or, alternatively, to directly attack
the Construction Yard, but it surely you will undergo many losses).


These flying disks are extremely dangerous if used in groups.
They can eliminate the ground units enemy in a few moments and as soon as
succeed in entering into enemy base are difficult to destroy due to their movement speed.
In addition, when placed on top of some buildings, beg to use the 'absorption'
(ex. over a power plant send black-out the base, on a refinery steal gold, on a defensive
tower they turn off it) If used in conjunction with Magnetic Disk does not have rivals.

BEST ALLIED SHIP: Aircraft Carrier

Allows you to attack any naval units and ground remains at a safe distance.
To attack that uses up to 3 Hornet fly up and strike from above.
If the Hornets were killed, they will be regenerated by carriers for free. Not bad.


The missiles launched by this naval fortress from a remarkable distance have an high
explosive power. Unfortunately, they can be intercepted by enemy anti-aircraft defenses.


Once again, the faction Yuri is superior to the other factions.
These nuclear submarines launch missiles almost identical to those used by the Dreadnought
and also launch torpedoes against enemy ships and submarines. Thanks to sensor they detect
enemy units hiding in the deep sea. Units outstanding.


These towers must be positioned not far from each other. They are able to pass
between them the energy beam to concentrate it in a single beam more powerful.
Place 3 or 4 of these towers close to each other allows one to reject many of the enemy
attacks with no problems.


This defensive tower throws a decent electric shock on the enemy, if he is a soldier,
die instantly. If you place a Tesla Trooper near this tower, he will increase the power
and range. But if you place 2 Tesla Trooper near this tower, it will work even in case of
blackout. Really terrific.

BEST YURI TOWER: Psychic Tower

One of these towers takes away any enemy unit. In fact, it allows you to take control of 3
nearby enemy units. The only way to cross it is to use robotic units
(ex. Terror Drone, Drone Suicide, Robot Tank, Laser Drone or Cyborg Trooper and Prism).
Should not groped to remove the power to the faction Yuri, is really a mission impossible!

Hints to be able to withstand more than 10 minutes in difficulty "Very Hard"


A real PRO of Red Alert 2 knows how to defend their base is important, especially in early
game. The A. I. is very clever and try to send high-speed craft carrying engineers, able to
steal buildings and then end the game in under 10 minutes. Moreover to attack in the first
minutes of play is not a good idea, better to use the few available units to defend your base.


The player who uses the walls to defend the most important buildings of the base gets a big
advantage in battle. In fact, when the player attacks a base that is protected by the wall,
he will take a long time to be able to enter and in the meantime, the opponent can hit him
from behind its walls. A good trick is to cement the 'Construction Yard' in the first minutes
of play, so as to ward off any enemies engineers.


Who does not know the game well, tends to develop a defensive strategy that prefers ground
units. Sometimes they are built turrets read (ex. Pillbox and Sentry Gun), but are not
effective against attacks from above. The anti-aircraft turrets are expensive and consume
a lot of electricity. At this point you say, then I do? Simple: the first step will be to
stock up on units capable of eliminating enemy infantry quickly (you start with reading and
turrets can be built as soon as the Soviet Terror Drone if you, or recruit Boris. If you
drive a faction ally, one Navy Seal or Tanya is more than enough. If you drive Britain a
couple of snipers take away anyone. If you drive a faction Yuri'll have no problem because
you can use the Virus soldiers and units that control the mind, such as Yuri Clone).
At this point, you have to create anti-aircraft units fast (if you drive the Allied side,
you should create a number of IPV and to take on board the Guardian GI. If you drive a
faction made many Soviet Flak Track. If you drive a certain faction built Yuri Gattling
Tank ), so you have to use these units in a group and do not ever leave them isolated.
You now have the advantage to move quickly and shoot down enemy planes and helicopters in
a few moments.


Players who take possession of the oil pumps get huge benefits. By sending an engineer
within the above mentioned pumps, plus get a bonus of $ 1000 at the instant when the
engineer will come inside, you will also receive a small cash bonus for every 5-10 seconds
of possession. Considering that you can not build next to the oil pumps, they are difficult
to defend. The advice is do not keep up too close to him with your units (if you are
defending, or if you are trying to destroy them) because, when they explode, will pose
significant harm to whatever is nearby.


A base without power is very vulnerable to enemy attacks. Many of the most powerful
defensive towers are powered by electricity. Therefore it is appropriate to build several
power plants and protect them adequately, thus avoiding the risk of losing them because of
a massive enemy attack. To break through enemy defensive lines, cut off the power is excellent
as always attacking strategy (you may decide to attack the enemy with his own efforts or you
can groped a spy to infiltrate into the enemy's power plants , in order to procure a black-out
temporary than a minute). The spies are very effective, but also just a single enemy soldier
to make sure that your lamp is discovered. To understand the towers are powered by electricity
is very simple: once purchased, place yourself above them with the mouse and select them by
clicking the left mouse button. If you see a circle around it with a line that runs slowly
on the inside, then you can be sure that the tower is powered by electricity.


It 's very important to invest in research of the crates. They offer very attractive
bonuses such as: new units, money, speed bonuses, bonus strength, power bonus, bonus
feed-grade and more.


Figure with a fundamental role and often overlooked by players (even experienced).
The engineer can steal the buildings simply entering in it and instantly allows you to
repair bridges damaged or destroyed and the buildings and towers damaged. If it is located
within a I.F.V. it will repair the vehicles that were damaged during a battle.


It 's important to make enormous sums of money by collecting the gold (or better yet the
gems) sparse for the map. It 's important to build as soon as possible at least 2 miner
tanks. Then, once you have sufficient funds, you can consider purchasing another refinery
and an additional miner tank tank. Always remember to keep a team ready to be sent to
rescue miner tank, if he was in trouble.


It 's very important to use the technologies that the other factions do not have.

ALLIES: They must use the GAP Generator (against human opponents, the AI tends to see the
same even through the Gap Generator) and the Stealth Generator (against AI). Best to avoid
the Advanced Stealth Generator (very expensive and consumes a lot of electricity). Very
important also Spysat Uplink, which allows you to see the entire game map. Create many
I.F.V. engineers carrying means getting a huge advantage over other factions. They can in
fact be used to repair vehicles in both defense and attack, and can also quickly depot
the engineer who is on board near an ally building for repair or enemy building for steal.

SOVIET: Antiaircraft effective, Spy Plane that can see into areas protected by Gap Generator,
formidable attack thanks to Apocalypse Tank, unlimited power thanks to the Nuclear Reactor
and Tesla Coils working without electricity thanks to the Tesla Trooper.
The only downside: they can not obscure the ground as do the allies.

YURI: Antiaircraft insurmountable and mind control, the two strengths of the Yuri faction.
If you know very well the use of mind control, nothing and no one can stop you.

Special thanks:
DarkSoul, Eagle_Of_Fire, Lord_Volkoff, Speeder, Mevitar, Mental Omega Team and Online eSports Clan

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I give seven points out of ten. :(

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The game was so awesome and highly upgraded.Only a few bug that i encountered to this games.Where is the dog?I TRY TO REINSTALL ALL RED ALERT 2 AND YURIS ALSO REVOLUTION AND PATCH
3RD.PATCH 1.15


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4 years later .. sorry, read the mod article u will see that the creator removed it because all human units can detect spies

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I simply like it...
There are problems with the menu though (While ingame) when you press ESC you can't go back, only few buttons are visible and the rest of the pad is black.

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Why can't I build amphibious transports? Are they campaign only?

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mauro16b Creator

You can find all downloads at this link:

For all people that encountered problems (like missing cameos or whatelse), remember that every single user can have problems cause depends on which version of yuri's revenge you have installed.

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you made fake accounts to give you reviews HAHA!

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mauro16b Creator

We are 240 (more or less) in my Community, and some of them liked the mod and voted it cause most of them love C&C 2.
Anyway, no more modifies will be applied to this mod.

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Fix the sidebar when you pause please. It's very very inconvinient. Thanks.

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and annoying. Thanks again :)

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oh nevermind guys. fixed it after changing to my native resolution. great mod btw :)

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