This mod is finished and no new content is coming except for changes such as bug fixes, compatibility fixes, balance changes etc etc.

Removed the Showing Off skill from all human pirates.
Replaced the icon for the pirates Sucker Strike skill.
Flintlock pistols (and now rifles) count as ranged weapons in the games code.
Fishermen now start with a flintlock rifle.
Pirate Gunners are no longer restricted to only one and can now use weapons.
Redone a number of the pirate artworks improving their quality.

Fixed a potential error in the derelict event.
Fixed the Moonstone sea event from triggering on land.
Fixed the Pirate Crab Captain using event art instead of character art.

Gave all human pirates a new skill called Intimidation.
Gave warrior human pirates a new skill called Reckless Charge.
Added a new event at the pirate tavern letting your people relax and enjoy the atmosphere visitable every 15 turns.
Added flintlock rifles to be unlocked and used, a two-handed version of the pistol that hits a little harder and has a higher crit chance.
When unlocked Flintlock Pistols (Flintlock Rifles too) can now be crafted to be used in Mental and Spirit challenges with stone or gem essence.
Added new trait cards for starting with a Fisherman, Carpenter, Gunner and/or Swashbuckler.
Added a new trait card giving you one of each of the two flintlock weapons.
Added another dwarf pirate artwork, 1 male.
Added another pirate female carpenter artwork, 1 female.
Added another real orc pirate artwork, 1 female.
Added another pirate carpenter artwork, 1 male.
Added another pirate fisherman artwork, 1 female.
Added roaming pirate groups of dwarves, elves and real orcs.
Added a few tougher predator fish to fight on the open seas.

Updating this version will possibly require a new game so please download the previous version at Nexus Mods to finish games in progress if you have problems loading your game.

There is a variety of new foods to find in this mod.
Gatherable now is sugarcane which counts as a spice and a new cooking recipe allowing players the opportunity to cook rum, because you can't have pirates without rum.
3 new seafood resources; Find crabs, shrimp and squid all added into the existing food recipes that use meat.
5 new foods added in a new food type called Exotics; Gain access to bananas, coconuts, melons, pomegranates and ananas all with cooking recipes in the new exotics cooking recipe.

5 new herbs all added into the cooking recipes that use herbs and spices. Find violet shrooms, holly leaves, fire grass, lavender flowers and thorn root.
The basic herbs can only be gathered on the starting island now.
Violet Shrooms - Darkness Island - Purple - Goblins
Holly Leaves - Ice Island - White - Ice Demons
Fire Grass - Volcanic Island - Red - Orcs
Lavender Flowers - Ancient Island - Green - Elves
Thorn Root - Metalic Island - Light Grey - Dwarves

Pirate Village.
Help the pirates and you will be given a map to help guide you to their village. At the village you can find some things to do such as:
Two quests to unlock a new place to visit in the pirate village and another small village to trade at.
They have their own unique trader dealing primarily in the new foods and flintlocks but also selling a variety of random goods.
A healer for recovering lost health.
An animal trader allowing you to buy pet crabs, parrots and monkeys.
The option to recruit pirates. There is no limit how many times you can recruit but there is a delay between the next time you recruit and the stronger the character you recruit the longer the delay is.
There are also some new non-human pirates that can be recruited too - Keep an eye out for them.
The choice to attack the village if you really want to, don't see why but you can.
Visit the pirate witches and if you provide them with the needed items (all the sea collectables) you can be rewarded for your trouble.

Cecaelia Village.
If you manage to help the cecaelia when the pirates ask you to help, you will get access to their village too.
A unique trader allowing you to trade for seashells, starfish, coral and all types of natural food found in the sea.
Become a good enough friend of the cecaelia and the pirates and a cecaelia may want to go with you.

With the addition of my merfolk and their pearl drops, you can now also collect seashells, coral, starfish, shark fins and predator teeth as drops from various sea based enemies.
Once obtained you can either use them to trade with merchants or if you have enough take them to the pirate village and trade with the pirate witches for various rewards.

New Weapons.
Well a sort weapons. You can purchase flintlock pistols and flintlock rifles from the pirates that are perception weapons. Pistols are equipped in the off-hand (shield slot) while rifles are two-handed and both have a chance to score a critil hit doing even more damage.
Gain enough favour with the pirates and visit the tavern to see if you can learn how to make them for yourself.
Get stone or gem essence and you can even contruct them to be used in mental or spirit challenges.

New Building.
Once you reach 50 faction loyalty with the human pirates you can get access to a new building to build in your village (Visit the Pirate village to find out how to get it).
You will gain access to the pub. It's a good place to get some rum and due to frequent fights you will have to stay on your toes to avoid getting drawn into the carnage.
Increases Wits of villagers and provides some free rum every turn.

New Enemies.
Across the high sea you will find new enemies seeking to take you down.
Sea Hags, weresharks, merfolk, unliving sharks, grindylows, giant crabs, giant octopuses, rogue pirates, AND a new threat even more dangerous than the kraken, the leviathan.

Revamped Enemies.
Base game enemies such as predator fish, sea serpents and sharks weren't much of a threat before so they've received a bit of an upgrade.
They won't be massively tougher than before but they will provide a bit more of a fight than before.
They will also drop the new loot collectables.

Pirate characters/artwork.
Cabin Children, 1 female, 1 male.
Captains, 6 female, 6 male.
Carpenters, 3 female, 7 male.
Cartographers, 3 female, 1 male.
Crewmates, 20 female, 20 male.
Fishermen, 6 female, 7 male.
Gunners, 2 female, 4 male.
Nobles, 2 female, 4 male.
Quartermasters, 9 female, 4 male.
Sea Witches, 4 female.
Swashbucklers, 4 female, 3 male.
Tide Callers, 4 male.
Dwarf Pirates, 2 female, 1 male.
Elven Pirates, 4 female, 6 male.
Goblin Pirates, 2 male.
Real Orc Pirates, 3 female, 8 male.
Unliving Pirates, 1 female, 2 male.
Merfolk, 11 female, 7 male.
Gillmen (Land Merfolk), 4 female, 2 male.
Cecaelia, 5 female, 2 male.
Grindylow, 1 other.
Mimics, 1 other.
Sea Hags, 4 female, 1 male.
Weresharks, 4 other.
Unliving Merfolk, 1 other.
Unliving Sharks, 2 other.
Giant Crabs, 1 other.
Giant Octopuses, 4 other.
Predator Fish, 1 other.
Sea Serpents, 2 other.
Sharks, 2 other.

Captain Eric, 1 male (replacer).
Pirate Crab, 1 male.

Summonable Giant Crab, 1 other.
Summonable Giant Octopus, 4 other.
Summonable Pet Monkey, 1 other.

Pirate Events.
Child growing up events for both land and water allowing the cabin child the chance to become all pirate classes.
Stork events for gaining pirate children. Parents are human pirate x human pirate, pirate human x human, pirate human x water demon and human pirate x merfolk.

Trait Cards.
Included are neutral cards for starting with a crewmate, cabin child, carpenter, gunner, fisherman, swashbuckler or a group of pirates.

Inside the mod directly is a "Credits - Artists.rtf" crediting as many artists as possible whose artworks are used in this mod.

If you have any suggestions or criticism then please let me know.

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Yarr Be Pirates

Yarr Be Pirates

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A human pirate faction for Thea 2 adding new characters, resources, food, a weapon, a building, children, enemies and more.

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