The Xenoforce Reborn mod takes the classic Xenoforce mod from CNC Generals and re-invisions it on the CNC3 engine with new units and new designs. The new armies that are currently scheduled to be in the mod are the Earth Federation, ZEON, the Invid, and the Earth Robotech Defense Force. We also have heavily modified the original CNC3 armies, giving the GDI, NOD, and Scrin a much more dynamic gameplay experience. This mod is NOT FOR PROFIT and NON-commercial based.

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Feb 3 2012 Anchor

After, I got worked with the combining with this (XR) and C&C3 NE. I wonder if I suggest about the Camera Control. It might be fun if any players wants to zoom in/out from the camera from the C&C3 NE. Well, C&C3 NE is not a mod, but its just only an Camera adjust and new interfaces. The only of this, is the Camera Coding.

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Feb 3 2012 Anchor

I've got nothing against changing the camera control, but from my own limited attempts to change it the camera modifications are map related so I have no idea as to how they did it in their mod and am not interested at this time to go into each map and modify it for additional zoom levels.

Feb 4 2012 Anchor

Well, its not that what you're saying. I was talking about the this mod compatibility with the other mod. You can still take a look at the C&C3 NE, not just sitting there thinking about faction design.

I've always read your blogs sometimes and its way to difficult for modders to create, because its hard to think to design create unfinished factions. So you have take your time by listing all the things you just want to put your units/structures/support/upgrades in the game. And if you don't have enough ideas for unfinished designs, you can just look into another faction design.

I think I can't type to say that much!

Feb 4 2012 Anchor

Tell you what, I'll write up a post on my current thoughts on the grand design today/tonight and post it up for Sundays blog, maybe that will help you a bit.

Feb 4 2012 Anchor

Thanks, that would help me a a lot.

Feb 6 2012 Anchor

ok, blog update has been posted. took longer than I expected.

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