The terraformation of Xen known as "The Xeno Project" has begun. Noticeable changes to the planet thus far include regular gravity and a breathable atmosphere. After agreeing to work for the Gman, you are teleported onto a train, inbound to the Xeno Project control complex. Your mission is to report to an underground test lab which has been set up for further experiments into portal technology. Everything seems to be going smoothly until the military decides to completely take over the operation. Once this happens, your goal will be to get the hell off the planet and escape back to earth.....good'll need it. Author: Mr. White

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Another classic mod for half life!

One Of The Best mods.




A really well done mod, not too long, not too difficult, with a good story (evil Gman who gets what he deserves!), various places to visit, various challenges, 2 endings...

An understimated cool mod.

This two mods are amazing.

The level design is great, the voice acting is ok and it doesn't take itself seriously, the story isn't much but it keeps you going I guess, and enemy and goodies placement will keep you going all the way.

And the mod even has 2 ending which is great.

A must play!


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can't vote more than 8 because i'm a new mem =]]


Excellent Half-Life story, one of the best short singleplayer mods of all time! Real classic, don't miss it!

One of the classics, part 1 has good level design and a pretty difficult (one of the hardest mods for hl). You have to rescue 2 scientists which ends up becoming either a big fight and half-puzzle. While the mod continues from the end of Half-Life it doesn’t really develop the story in any way and you merely have to go through a random series of places to reach some sort of goal the player is unaware of. But I guess we have never played half-life for the story. It didn’t really add anything new or show us something we haven’t seen before. But the level design is really good, to the point where it looks like a Valve production so thats enough to give it a play. Maybe its the fact that its set at night time or that its my favorite type of grunt fest with a chopper to boot, and a decent length. Definitely longer than most mods.
We also fight a tank and assassins which added to the difficulty.
A very memorable ending.
This part is set on a alien ship so it has its uniqueness but this one's level design isn't anything extraordinary, its a poor mans version of USS Darkstar and the prison escape & anti-gravity sequences weren't very enjoyable even though they should be.
Mainly due to the fact that the gravity sequence should have had something interesting to do rather than just kill those controllers before reaching the top, and the prison sequence had a very lame design with a fair bit of vent crawling.. though getting through without getting hit can be a challenge.
It has more of a story than the first one though becomes cliched as hell by the end.
Its also one of those mods that does the old 'catwalk that break when you step on them' trick. Annoying.
and a obscure location to continue the mod after encountering Gman, a hidden duct :/
It has some funny references to Xena from the scientists, (voice acting ftw) I loved seeing someone capitalising on that picture that was found in the hl pak files, it had some decent combat and gman voice acting.


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It's a question of nostalgia. I really liked this modification when Internets were old and slow. :3

too short

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