!!!While Moddb.com admins go over my file, feel free to download it here!!!

Damn 10k letter limit, check Fallout3Nexus for more
Check out the Fallout3Nexus gallery for 34 images

What's New? (3. May)
-Changed to .7zip saving 15 MB's off your download (85MB zipped) think I'll stop making custom meshes to save bandwidth now
-Renamed file to "work in progress" instead of "placeholder, placeholder kind of feels like "just reserving the name"
-Began work on a new awesome wasteland quest, I'm done with alot of the dialogue + locations, check around the bottom for a detailed description

Note: suggest names in the comments section or PM, remember this: it's a small tribe of ghouls and they sought shelter in a small valley and have been living there ever since.

-Made a topic on the official forums, link at the bottom, fallout3nexus will be updated more frequently though.
-Added alot of Wasteland :P

What's New? (2. May)
-It took some time, but I made a bunch of leveled lists and new items for raiders so the raiders change into more powerful armor/weps as they level, most of the equipment they're carrying are new models etc. Example:

Player is level 1, the raider will be wearing:
(80%)Normal raider armor = 16 DR
(10%)Raider Leather armor = 18 DR
(10%)Raider Wasteland Clothing

HEAD ITEMS: (90% chance of raider actually wearing a head item):
(60%)Normal Raider Head Items
(40%)Bandanna's and Wasteland head items

(25%)14mm; DPS 25, Damage 14
(25%)Sawnoff; DPS 24, Damage 50
(25%)10mm; DPS 16, Damage 9
(25%).32 DPS 10, Damage 6

(25%)Tire Iron = Damage 6, DPS 13
(25%)Junk Kni = Damage 6, DPS 13
(25%)Hatchet = Damage 11, DPS 16
(25%)Dirty Axe = Damage 13, DPS 19

MOLOTOV: (15% of raiders will be carrying Molotov's)
(100%)Normal Molotov

Now, as the player levels most of the raider's won't just stop using the items, they'll just use them alot less, example:

The Player is Level 16 (or higher), the raiders will be wearing:
(20%)Combat Armor
(20%)Metal Armor
(10%)Raider Leather Armor
(40%)Reinforced Normal armor (Increased DR/Value/Weight)
(10%)Normal Raider Armor

(40%)Reinforced Norms
(10%)Tribal Power Armor Helm

(10%)14mm Pistol
(10%)Combat Shotgun
(10%)P94 Winchester Plasma Rifle
(10%)SVD Dragunov
(20%)Assault Rifle
(20%)Chinese Assault Rifle

(50%) Normal Molotov
(50%) Concentrated Molotov (1.5x damage compared to normal)

Pfffff, finally, I just found it kind of boring killing every raider in one shot with my A3-21's Plasma Rifle since raiders are the main enemy in Iceland

-ALSO started working on a massive Icelandic Wasteland
-Added: P94 Winchester Plasma Rifle, YK42B Pulse Rifle, Metal Tesla Armor + helmet, 14mm AP Pistol, Tribal Power Armor helmet.

What's New? (1. May)
Development's been pretty slow for the past few days, still polishing
-The file size is 200 MB's now, the .esp is 2,840 MB
-3 New Weapons, 1 New Armor set.
-Cleaned up the description
-Added a haunted house, quest planned, later.
-Added a dumpster in New Reykjavik which respawns every 3 days, you MIGHT find some really valuable things in it, one man's garbage is another man's treasure.

What's New? (26. april)
-Added an aprox. 300 word book describing the Icelandic vaults etc. (100% Lore Friendly)
-I'm just bugfixing ATM
-I really want to release this as soon as possible so the Mafia quest-line *probably* won't be implemented untill about a week after the Open Beta
-More custom textures
-Added another way to complete a specific quest, won't spoil it :P

And before you even think of asking "why isn't there any snow here"

Credits so far:
Me = ...alot

Audunn Sigurdsson = Loading Screens, flag textures, Cultist robe and more.
Wanamingos, Geckos and Floaters = Zenl
Axes = Neunens
MP5 & SVD Dragunov = Zealotlee
Junk Weapons = hal2000mhz

Main Quest 1 "Iceland" (100% Completed)
An ex-slave approaches you in Megaton and tells you he's been held captured by raiders in the Wasteland for the past 6 years, he tells you he used to live in vault 123 in Iceland, one night the raiders attacked it and killed or captured most of his people, a few of them escaped. He asks you to go to Iceland to make sure that his wife and kid is alright.
(((SPOLERS)): Once you arrive at vault 123 you find out that most of the survivors headed to the small island of Surtsey just off the coast of Iceland, they have made a new City there called "New Reykjavik".

Main Quest 2 "New Reykjavik" (100% Completed)
You have to find a boat to take you to Surtsey, once you're there you have to convince the inhabitants to let you by proving you're worthy (Bringing them the head of a famous raider boss), once you're inside you must find (Haven't decided the name yet)'s family.

Main Quest 3 "Back to the Wasteland" (100% Completed)
A kind of short quest, you just find Jon's family in New Reykjavik and then return to him in Megaton, he'll reward you nicely.

Fixing the Well (100% Completed)
Just a short and simple quest, you have to fix the well at the center of New Reykjavik by going into Old Reykjavik, finding a hardware store and returning with the part, took me around 7 mintues to complete.

Mystery Meat? (100% complete)
It's a reference to an old Fallout (1 or 2, can't remember), there are multiple choices for almost every stage in this quest, you find out (2 ways at the moment) that the owner of the only restaurant in New Reykjavik is serving people human meat due to how inexpensive it is compared to other meat. You can either break in to the person's house and steal some evidence or you can go to a scientist and analyze the meat. After that you can choose to either report it to the sheriff for karma or you can blackmail the restaurant owner for big $$$.

Floater Problem (100% Completed)
The sheriff of New Reykjavik approaches you and asks you to go kill the creatures in the cave just outside of the city because they've been killing Brahmin's lately.

The Missing Child (100% Completed)
A woman runs to you in New Reykjavik and asks you to find her 10 year old son, Reynir. This is a detective-quest meaning you have to look for clues, ask other people around town.
--Gunnar the Menace(100% Completed)
--While searching for Fjola's child you meet a kid who will --tell you where Reynir is if you help him with a few pranks
--Pranks include: Blowing up a toilet with cherry bombs and --smashing mailboxes with baseball bats.

"Hidden Cakes" (Freeform, 100% complete)
Find the 10 cakes hidden all over Iceland to earn an awesome perk.

The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club Quests
The name and some of the characters + quests is a reference to the Simpsons :P

-Francis the Squealer (100% complete)
This is just a rite of initiation quest, you have to assassinate a man called Francis the Squealer for the mafia without getting caught by the police.

-Name Pending (40% Complete)
You find a small tribe (5 residents, it does have a hidden treasure and a store) in a small valley in the Icelandic Wasteland, the tribal chief there will ask you to help restore the land, you think of a GECK and return to the scientist in New Reykjavik, she'll tell you she was working on a small-scale fast working GECK that only takes about a week to work but only covers a small area, she fell short of some parts and will ask you to go find them for her, once you do she'll construct it for you, you go to the tribe's village and tell the tribe to evacuate while you set up the GECK, once you set it up you'll have one minute (more than enough) to get out of there, if you wait a week the village will actually transform from crappy wasteland -> Beautiful Oasis and the tribe will construct statues of you for your work, screenshots soon =).
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Download it HERE: Fallout3nexus.com
Patch Notes (7.June) Beta V0.22
-Jet quest should now be finishable
-You should now be able to travel back to the Wasteland
-Fixed some errors in Vala's dialogue
-MP5 ammo is no longer a red triangle
-MP5's are no longer bolt-action, they're automatic as intended
NOTE: Might be incompatable with GTS3.0, please stand by while we make it compatible

Patch Notes (7.June) Beta V0.21
-Floater Quest now completable
-A lot of navmeshing done outside New Reykjavik
-Fixed a lot of floating rocks and trees outside New Reykjavik
-Fixed some navmeshing in New Reykjavik and the Floater cave
-Food vendor now stands in the correct position
-You can no longer fall in the water outside New Reykjavik, which means you'll no longer get stuck there
-Decorated New Reykjavik exterior with more trees, rocks etc.

Also, think I've found which load screen is causing crashes for some people

Edit: I think the reason for the infamous Load Screen Crashes are caused if you:

1. Use Version 0.1, play it a little, start the main quest etc
2. Upgrade to Version 0.2 where the main quest gets started automatically, even though you're already on it etc.
3. You walk through a door and crash for some reason.

^ My character started crashing alot and I did those 3 steps, now when I made a new character I could complete the entire Main Quest without crashing once, I think a good temporary solution would be too disable Reykjavik.esp, load your character, exit Fallout, enable Reykjavik.esp again, note that this will erase all your progress in quests, items etc. that were added in this mod, you could also just wait a few days for me to find a fix, although there's not a 100% chance that I will find one

Patch Notes (6.June) Beta V0.2
Largest patch to date
-Put Wanamingos in the Wanamingo cave
-The Floater cave quest now gets added to your pipboy, includes map markers for all stages
-ALOT of new navmeshing, enemies should run away from you less now, and followers should follow you better
-Fixed some buildings in Old RVK that didn't have doors
-Renamed some of the interiors in caps such as "TENT HOUSE" to just "Tent"
-The Raider boss's name will now fit with the quest log
-Vault 227 no longer "123" in quest log
-Removed some stuff that didn't fit in: City Hall, Hotel Saga, Fire Dep.
-Put Jon from "Confidence: Coward" to "Confidence: Foolhardy" he should run away alot less now

Patch Notes (5.June) Beta V0.15
-Fixed weapons not using the new sounds

Patch Notes (5.June) Alpha v0.14
-Fixed a CTD issue with the mafia
-Fixed a red triangle (molotov)
-Fixed Jon's Dialogue
-Removed Jon from Megaton
-When you start the game you get a radio signal which tells you to come to Minefield Baseball Park + a map marker there
-Removed the radscorpions from the baseball park you see killing all the slavers.

Patch Notes (4.June) Alpha v0.13
-I think I've fixed all the bugs detailed in chrisfalloutnexus's post

Patch Notes (4.June) Alpha v0.12
-Fixed a bug that prevented you from listening to radio stations.

Patch Notes (4.June) Alpha v0.11
A rather small patch
-Adds 5 new hidden cakes, making it a total of 10 which was originally planned
-!!Important: Fixes a bug so that you can actually travel to the Wasteland, the new Vertibird is just outside of New Reykjavik!!

Mod Released (Alpha)

Mod Released (Alpha)


Uploading now, make sure you have GTS and Archive Invalidation - Invalidated

Progress Report (11. May)

Progress Report (11. May)

News 1 comment

Short update. Progress Report (11.May) -The tribe's name is Ognar. -Tribe quest named Restoring the Earth -Got a wiki admin, got 3 people volunteering...

Progress Report (8. May) - Also, Wiki!

Progress Report (8. May) - Also, Wiki!


Just an update on what I've been doing in the mod for the past few days.

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Hey bara að pæla, talar fólk íslensku í þessu moddi það væri gott að fá svar fljótt.

Hey just wondering, do people speak icelandic in the mod it would be nice to get an answer quickly.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

well its a mod that puts iceland on the travel map so i think so it wouldn't be too hard. but since in real life english is the 2nd most spoken language in the world i would think they speak icelandic only to one another.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

this REALY looks good ty for the modder i hope it turns out as well as it sounds ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

looks and sounds very nice. can't wait to see how it turns out

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Once we get a bug-free, stable product i'll download.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I will download this when it hits a stable release. Don't know if you know it or not, but this mod seems to cause a problem outside vault 108. It makes the rocks outside float in the air. Tracking so I see this mod get released as a stable version.

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Hvað !? Reykjavík.. í fallout !?



Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I've downloaded all of the necessary files, but the game crashes whenever I go inside some place.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I like the looks of this. I'll download it tomorrow on my desktop.

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AlexanderSig Creator

Wow what is with the moddb admins, it's been what? 2-3 days? I've even tried uploading it again, still nothing...

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