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This mod make changes to all drinks (Including those in Shivering Isles) and Skooma properties. The main change is you can now fall several times if had too much drinks.

For example, if you drank just a bottle of beer, you are only going to fall if you are burning a lot of fatigue. But if you had 2 bottles you are going to fall more frequently. Of course if you just want to go to a local tavern and get wasted then I recommend 4 bottles! :P

Drinks and Skooma also have diferent properties from the original ones. They are more like combat potions, if you can endure its effects, that is.

Another change I included are the same blur effect used in scripts to manually blurring the screen like when the player is staggered or triggered a trap.

Skooma can give you a big advantage but if you had too much or you mixed it with alcohol you might fall unconscious.
Yep, not a good idea... maybe for an emergency or something.
The best way to wake up if this happens is to press "T" and wait an hour, you'll wake up... eventually.

Skooma now is less powerful but gives you a big fatigue bonus so you can fight without getting tired. The danger comes when the effect ends.

The blur effects are included with skooma too but works in a different way by accident, It looks cool though, so I'm not changing it! :P

As mentined before, the side effects can be endured. It all depends on your Total Fatigue. So if you increase your Endurance, Strength, Agility, and Willpower high enough, then one bottle will only blur your screen, allowing you to drink an extra bottle and so on. Eventually, Ale and other drinks will be like water for you. :P

This video only shows the Alcohol effect in my mod.


-Upgraded Drinks and Skooma scripts with OBSE. Now the mod works more efficiently.
-Added sound effects for Drinks.

-Fixed a bug with the blur effects that make it happen when you fast travel or other NPCs where drinking.
-Cleaned the mod of unnecessary data, some redundant commands in scripts, and some mistakes I made before from the inicial release.

-Added blur effects to drinks and Skooma. Both works in a different way.
-Changed the Skooma "fatigue bonus" to be even greater, careful when the effect ends because the same amount of fatigue added is taken.
-Reduced the amount of fatigue added in the "Alcohol" script.

-Added the "Shadowbanish Wine" to the list. I noticed I missed that one an hour after I uploaded the mod, woops...
-Added sound effects but just to Skooma.

-Inicial release.

Possible Additions.

-I want to add the same effects with light sources like when you are a vampire, light is very annoying when you are drunk!
I'm still looking for that Scripting in the Construction Set Wiki though.
-More variety of drinks to be sell in taverns.
-Drunk NPCs. It would be great to see drunken people trying to get home from the taverns.
Adding this feature is getting hard than expected, although I witnessed some of the drunk effects on NPCs at taverns.


Just put all files inside the Zip to Oblivion/Data.


-Well, this mod is not compatible with any other mod that changes Drinks and Skooma.
-Now the mod needs OBSE to work properly.

Bugs and Known Issues.

-I Just noticed that NPCs can get drunk too! I considered this a bug because they just fall unconscious and don't wake up.
They'll wake up like an our later or if you press "T" and wait an hour.
-I don't know if consider this a bug, but now that NPCs fall unconscious you can steal things from them.
It's considered a crime if someone sees you though.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Full Version

V1.4 -Upgraded Drinks and Skooma scripts with OBSE. Now the mod works more efficiently. -Added sound effects for Drinks.

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