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Download will come shortly

This release is warsword conquest beta patch 2 and is a full complete download, please delete your old warsword folder and copy the new one into the modules folder.

The new version of warsword is 1.174 so you do not need to switch the exes like before unless you are on steam in which case you will need the original 1.174 exe which is available on our discord or the WSE thread in taleworlds. If you have the normal version and already have a switched exe please switch it back to the original.

Greetings Warsword fans,

This may be a full download but it is not a full release. It is a beta patch in order to test the new features, especially magic in sieges as we are not sure if it is something we want to keep in the mod. Your feedback on this is valuable. It is something which has been asked for a lot so we wanted to give it a try. We hope to release a third patch just after the new year.

What is new?

Magic in sieges

Magic is now usable in sieges (can be switched off in camp menu). We spoke a lot about how to tone it down such as increased cooldown time or half speed mana regen but we decided to go in as normal and see where the feedback brings us. Troops who are behind the siege walls will get damage protection from explosive aoe but they will not get any protection from aura aoes.

Magic skill split

Magic is now split across 3 skills. Magic power, magic control and mana control. As you advance your mana control you will open up a mana boost feature which will allow you to bypass encumberance restrictions on your next spell in exchange for an added percentage of spell mana cost (u button to activate).

Empire troop tree expansion

Empire is now split into 3 troop trees. The northern, central and southern. The northern contains ulric troops and the new knights panther, the south contains the the best ranged units in the empire including ironsiders and imperial engineers while the central is similar to what we had before but with the new glass cannon flagellants. Each tree has their own epic unit, the warrior priest of Sigmar, warrior priest of Ulric and Imperial ogre.

New Bretonnian horses

Bretonnians have not had anything new model wise since you1's excellent work for the first mount and blade but that has changed now as Kraggrim has created a new selection of Bretonnian horses so the thunderous charge looks more spectacular than ever

New Chaos Dwarf town

Kraggrim has created the doomship as a new town on the north of Albion. When walking around the ship will be out to sea with the main fleet but during a siege it will be close to the shore with the invaders ready to board.

Chaos dwarf players will also get a new unique sea battles scene

Elven revamp

Marshal has given the dark elves and high elves some much needed love with refined and retextured armours to give the overall standard of the factions a much needed boost and Marshal will continue with the this endeavour into the next patch after this. Burspa has given Dhar magic a complete visual reboot now and all spell errors fixed so the dark elves are a better choice than ever before

Mercenary magic users

You will now be able to find magic users in taverns (runepriests for dwarves) which will join your party for a premium price. Their chances of appearing are low but they will pop up from time to time.

Other bug fixes and changes

Fixed Ryze spell text and mastery level reduced
Ryze, Kandorak and Akar aran will now summon twice as many troops.
Devolve now has a cool down time
Shotgun cannot be reloaded on horseback and each shot takes 2 ammo
Merchant inventories should show correct gear when you have your own faction
Wights and Wight champions have killing blow (1 in 6 chance of instant kill on hit)
Recovering from a fall won't keep recurring after the first time
Explosive rounds will no longer cause no damage to the players army
Level requirement of higher level vampires lowered
Fixed issue with kislev ranged upgrade tree
Ogre armour values reduced, given ignore pain
Fixed spawning issues for curse of the horned rat
Fixed tomb king lord relation bug for skeletons
Fixed issue with weapon particles not disappearing when unwielded.
Fixed multi cast issues with ranged spells
Slaanesh lore attribute fixed
Removed companion complaints for selling prisoners
Good races will no longer be penalised for attacking chaos dwarf, chaos and dark elf lord parties while at peace.
jade lore attribute now works with awakening of the wood
Auto calc improved to represent true strength of armies
Fixed issue with cursed blade of delirium
Guildmasters now give frequent quests
Dark Elf tree slightly ammended to make well known infantry units stronger
Dreadknight mace now blunt by default
Arcane unforgings armour exepmtion list now same as plague of rust
Fixed various 2 handed weapons with missing animations
Flamers are now considered archers and not infantry
Skink war chiefs now have proper throwing proficiency
Magic guilds will no longer disappear when you start a new faction
Small speed boost to the slower mounts
Lots of mesh and texture optimisations from Marshal to reduce the load on your PC
Elemental potion only increases athletics
Potion of battle now gives you 10 weapon master
Starting stat exploit fixed
New ai changes to make lords expand their battle lines to counter aoe if you have magic in your army.
Vampire counts now have human walkers and villagers
Access and competency level of regrowth increased
Hawks of Miska is now radius ranged
Undead no longer count towards your party size modifier
If you bring an overwhelming force of archers to a siege the enemy may sally regardless of army sizes to stop you
Very minor changes to kingdom relations to player faction to make other factions of your disposition a bit more amiable if you have the right reputation.
Skaven are now immune to wind globes
Undead are now immune to screaming skulls
Night goblins no longer have excessive health
Fixed bug where lords can have more than 100% health
Fixed chevalier quest dialogue
Alliances and pacts with evil AI factions are now possible for evil player factions
Chekist troops now guaranteed their pistols
Darius the apprentice should get duplicates of the items he wears on him.
Araby tournament sabre is now blunt damage
Plus lots of other little changes I have forgotten

What we have not fixed or are unsure if we have fixed

We have not completely identified the cause of the crashes although I have made changes to help the reinforcement crashes. There have been mixed results with the "no spear fix" and different reports on different hardware. I, for example, never got a crash on the onboard graphic card for an i5 2500k on warband 1.168 yet when I moved to a modern card on warband 1.174 I started getting crashes. So that it is still up in the air and we await feedback to hopefully arrive at a definitve answer. We have had feedback from players saying that things are better or even gone so some progress has been made.

I have added in changes to hopefully fix the 'inventory wipeout' bug and the 'faction defeated' bug which can pretty much end the game. There has been limited testing time for such a mid-late game fix so we await feedback on that one. If you ever have a save right near a faction defeat and the bug is still there please send me the save. That will help me immensely in finding the final fix.

Many thanks to the team for all the hard work in preparing this patch and we hope everyone enjoys playing it and we look forward to another release in hopefully 2 -3 months with at least 1 big new feature and fixes for any issues that arise from this release.

Many thanks

Nameless Warrior

Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta

Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta

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Chaos Rises

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The 4 Gods assemble their armies at Archaon's call. Release date: TBA

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Warsword Conquest War Peace Fix

Warsword Conquest War Peace Fix

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This is a full install, please follow instructions given in the description.

Warsword Conquest Hotfix 1.11.19

Warsword Conquest Hotfix 1.11.19

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This is a hotfix to deal with some of the issues which have arisen since launch of the new beta. New game required

hotfix for quests

hotfix for quests

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A quick hotfix to fix the broken quests. No new game required.

Warsword Conquest WOME Beta Patch 27z

Warsword Conquest WOME Beta Patch 27z

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This is the first patch after the release of the Beta NEW GAME REQUIRED

Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta

Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta

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Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta Please read installation instructions and Manual in documentation folder.

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There is no text in battles. Like X has killed Y, i think its a version problem? I dont know.....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i have question how do i give a companion a skill like dodge or ignore pain also how do i give also skills to other unit?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can someon to make a tutorial how to install all patches?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Why lot of warband mods were all updated 4 hours ago? Dont even see updates…
EDIT: ah ok They were updated for this article: Moddb.com

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Amazing mod but there seems to be a few balancing issues.

The Empire and Tomb Kings are usually dogshit. Doesnt help that Empires special units refuse to wear helmets and that translates very poorly with Warband.

The Vampires and Skaven appear to be very overpowered with no sufficient counter.

Also fix some of the bloody custom maps. Most seiges are won by the attacking AI having to fight the crappy map design.

Reminder that the AI in M&B sucks, so stop making these ridiculous defence maps where bots get caught on stuff constantly.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Does it have any effect to chose a specific chaos god when creating a beastman other than stats or starting equipment? Like special quests or rewards. Thanks in advance

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, where is the discord server's link?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can lords defect yet, has anyone figured it out at all? Have they even implemented it into the game yet?

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Amazing mod. Has a really interesting setting and all the factions are just awesome. Hands down, the best mod I have ever installed for Mount & Blade.

Oct 23 2011 by jobels

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