This is a sub-mod of RENAISSANCE

This is a sub-mod of RENAISSANCE.


A mod with the theme on the wars that took place in Italy in the 18th century.In AD 1718, the kingdom of Spain invaded Italy.At the same time, the war between the Venetian Republic and the Turks continued.After Sardinia and Sicily were occupied by Spain, the wars around the Apennine Peninsula broke out among European countries.
Perhaps you may serve a brilliant monarch, or organize a huge troops to sweep the entire Apennine Peninsula like Garibaldi, or you may be willing to help some powerful foreign Empire put Italy under their control.

-15 Factions:
Ducato di Modena
Repubblica di Lucca
Repubblica di Venezia
Ducato di Milano
Granducato di Toscana
Ducato di Parma
Repubblica di Genova
Royame de France
Holy Roman Empire
Ottoman Empire
Regno di Napoli
Stato della Chiesa
Reino de Espana
Ducato di Savoia

In order to ensure the game experience,and limited by the lack of information,I couldn't make this mod like the real historical situation.For example,In 1718, Milan and Naples were actually part of the Holy Roman Empire.

Due to the lack of information, I cannot ensure that all characters and uniforms are historical. If you have detailed information, please contact me.

-Types of soldiers:
Line Infantry/Fusilier
Dragoon/Musket Rider
Heavy cavalry/Cuirass cavalry
Light cavalry/Hussar

Once you are a king you can:
- Talk to your minister by camp menu
- Change your Lords equipment and update their skills
- Your banner will become the banner of all your lords (it takes three in game days to have effect)
- Change your faction troops' culture , choosing one of the already existing factions or a special player culture troop tree with customizable equipment and name (Thanks to MitchellD who implemented part of his Custom Troop Tree in this mod).
To be able to customize talk to your minister. You should customize three levels of troops (Castle, Town and Village), the amount of money for the items depends on the level of the troop. Left click to select and right click to remove items. Then change the name, if you want, for the single troop and press Save. If the balance is negative you can't save so remove or change some items. You can also give a prefix to all your troops or remove it (the default is "Custom").
To see the full troop tree of your custom troops you can use the troops tree in Camp Menu. Remember that to see the customize screen you must be in a town or castle (if you are talking to your minister by Camp Menu you must exit the taking and enter whatever town or castle).
Changing culture takes three in game days to have effect , but more time for the lords because they will keep the troops already in the party until they lose them in battle.

and many other features...


RENAISSANCE(permission by zedpaolo),Twilight of The Sun King(permission by tombeat),Independence of Chile(by Mauromagno_Patriota),Hispania 1200 ( by El Xabeo de la Cova, JBL, permission by mikeboix), Knights the Last Battle (permission by Fuwa), Custom Troop Tree (by MitchellD), Sands of Faith (thewanderingknight), Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior (Janycz), 16th century: the Northern Hemisphere (permission by Yifeng konjac), Osp bogmir_items, Osp Flintlock Weapons,Osp Ultimate 17th Century,Ming equipment meshs by BLOOD AND STEEL(OSP),Horse archer AI by JunYue(OSP),Female's hair and female's body by corprus(OSP),Blood and Iron OSP,medievalhelmets OSP,19thcenturyfirearms pack,Lucas_the_Benevolent,Osp spak items

thanks to:
Feizhai Hu (for English texts);Longjinyan(for Code);Viktor_Riven

Many credits may be missing because they are already inside the mods up here. Please send me a message if you see something you want to be pointed out in the credit session.

If anyone is willing to help optimize and modify the English text, you can also contact me.

Update log:v1.1.2R in 2021.7.12

1.The musket can be loaded on the move (still not possible when riding a horse).
2.Fixed some castle and siege scene bug.
3.Militia can be upgraded to line infantry.
4.Fixed some model and texture bug.
5.Improved the range of ai's hand cannon weapons, and modified the models and data of some weapons.
6.Reset the units and data of the challenge letter troops, reduce the difficulty and better fit the background of the times.
7.Added some new equipment.
8.Adjusted the equipment of regular army and mercenaries to make their equipment more diversified.
9.Increased the military expenses of custom arms and lowered the prices of some weapons and equipment.
10.Optimized the overall picture and some textures.
11.Added the function of possessing creeps after death on the battlefield (press F key after death).
12.Added the function of overlooking the angle of view in the battlefield (press the V key).
13.Fixed the splash damage bug of bombs and grenades to allies。
14.Define the bayonet musketeer as an infantry, and make ai use a dense formation.
15.Adjusted the ownership of some fortresses and lords.

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RENAISSANCE's sub-mod:18th Appenninica v1.1.2R

RENAISSANCE's sub-mod:18th Appenninica v1.1.2R

Full Version 8 comments

This is a sub-mod of RENAISSANCE. A mod with the theme on the wars that took place in Italy in the 18th century. In AD 1718, the kingdom of Spain invaded...

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Hmm, this mod worked for me previously. But now it crashes upon startup with the item_kinds1 error. I've tried redownloading the mod files and verifying the game files on steam but to no avail. I'm using WSE2, but it also crashes without WSE2.

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I have the same issue.I also have WSE2 have you found any solution?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Sadly no.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So why was the renaissance mod deleted?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I have a zip file for the mod though

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The mod developer also willingly gives a link to download his mods to whoever would pm him for it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The developer had a meltdown

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

over what?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

he was ****** off by the fact that the mods forcefully make him let his mod to be reviewable so he deleted it so no one can review it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

not getting enough cheescak thats for sure

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Gib me chescak ples.

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