Welcome to AIC MOD, Commanders!

Cold War is over!Asian is becoming the new powder keg on the earth since early 2000s.

There are many overlapping claims to territories/ideological opposition/religious conflict/ethnic conflict between the major Asian powers such as the People’s Republic of China, Public of China (Taiwan), Japan, Russia, North Korean, South Korean, Iran, USA, Vietnam and many Southeast Asian Countries.

This is the historical background of Asia in Conflict Mod! Timeframe of this mod is from 1990 to 2012. Prototype that being canceled or never enter service before 2012 will not be part of the armory. However, some imported units for some countries that in service before 2012 in their original countries but exported after 2012 have been added into the armory. For example, Su-30 and T-90s for Vietnam or M1A1 for Taiwan. Many weapons are also added and the their damages/AP/range are converted, which are more or less consistent with vanilla Wargame.

Modding Wargame is really limited due to the engine restrictions. You can’t change the unit models, add new units apart from the original 2099, add new maps, etc. I have tried the best to modify the skins of units to make the graphic more realistic in terms of the era, such as the camouflage military uniform for most of the countries and historical skins for tanks and jets. So please do not ask why Raptor is like Eagle or ZTZ-99 is like Challenger, the answer is always ‘Engine Limitations’ !

Following is brief of key features of this Mod


The Mod is focus on conflicts in Asia (Especially East Asia) so countries that are neither Asian nations nor being able to complete global military deployment would not be included in the Mod.

The proposed nations in V1.0 include:


USA, UK, France, German, Canada, Sweden, Taiwan, Singapore & Malaysia Alliance (WIP), Japan, South Korea, ANZAC, Netherlands, Israel, South Africa


Russia, China, India (WIP), Vietnam, North Korea, East German, Poland, Czech

New nations potentially to be added and the nations would be replaced:

Iran (Czech)

Arab coalition (East German)

Poland and Netherlands play very limited roles in Asian conflicts, I am thinking about replacing them by Iraq (or Pakistan) and Italy (or Turkey). You are welcome to let me know your suggestions if any.


Some vanilla coalitions has been removed or reedited, bonus activation points are different because some coalitions are significantly stronger than others.

New coalitions include:

EUROCORPS = France + German + Sweden + Netherlands (5 bonus activation points)

COMMONWEALTH = UK + ANZAC + Canada + South Africa (10 bonus activation points)

BLUE DRAG + South Korea + Taiwan (10 bonus activation points)

FVEY = US + ANZAC + Canada + South Africa (5 bonus activation points)

SAMD = US + Taiwan (15 activation points)

RED ALLIANCE = China + Vietnam + North Korea (10 bonus activation points)

More Coalitions will be added in future updates.


General decks don’t really have too much fun in vanilla. Deck in AIC mod is reshaped totally. I am not sure if the balance is good enough but I am pretty sure you now have much more fun to build your own decks. You could build an US Stryker battalion + a fire support company or a Russian BTG deck that have similar numbers of tanks/APCs/artillery/AA to the realism. You will find the deck construction is similar to WARNO but you have flexibility to drag all units into your tabs.

Main changes include:

- 9 slots for all categories, default activation point is upgraded to 60,

- Cost Matrix of each tab changed, you have to spend more points to drag the 4th and 5th card into the deck, especially air and support tabs,

- Slightly more quantities per card, one card is similar to a platoon or a company,

- Much more quantities of cards for all units (except units of WIP India and SG-MAY), which means you now could fill the amour tab by 8 x M1A2, so the total number of M1A2 you could have would be 40+, which is equal to the numbers of tanks in a real battalion,

-Specialised decks haven’t been changed too much so it is not as flexible as general deck now. But it still works in terms of the reduced cost matrix and other bonus of units.

Balance hasn’t been tested yet.


Changes of FOBs are significant, they now carry 30000 supplies and the number you can carry to the battlefield is 4. US and Russia could transport Fobs to anywhere in the map by heavy transport aircraft like IL-76 and C-5 Galaxy. However you need to pay extra points for these expensive transporters.


The biggest changes to infantries are the reskin for more than 70% of them, I would not spend too much time introducing the changes, I would recommend you to check in game by yourself. The only thing I need to mention is that more than 80 percent of reskin textures are from POK. I either used these high quality textures directly or edited based on them. Much appreciated to POK. You could find the addons through this link: Moddb.com. So please say thanks to him if you like the skins of solders in the mod. I created 20 percent of the textures for infantries so please name both POK and me if you want to ‘borrow’ some textures from AIC mod.


In this beta version, the changes to support is minimum, I only added some long range AA and rocket launchers/mortar/SPA in 2000s to some of the nations. I would plan to add tactical missiles to support deck in the future.


No smoke dispensers, no APS sorry… I won’t change too much to vanilla. Many tanks in 2000s have been added into their mother countries.

Recons and Helicopters

No plans for drones or recon aircraft. Just adding some new units in 2000s.


- You could bring more top level jets now, for example, 12 x F-14 !!

- US, Russia and China now have early warning aircraft, but they are expensive and not too much, it is a test and more countries will have early warning aircraft in future plan.

- Stealth fighters and multiple airplanes are still not very popular in 2000s and early 2010s. USA will have F-22 and X-35 (F-35’s prototype) while Russia have T-50 (Su-57’s prototype). Aircraft with less visibility could also be found in the air tab of UK, France, China, South Korea and even North Korea!

- Stealth bomber: B-2 Spirit and F-117 Nighthawk are the only stealth bombers in the mod, I would suggest using early warning aircraft or air superiority fighters to catch them in early stages otherwise don’t be surprised if huge numbers of your ground units are demolished suddenly,

-Strategic bomber: Enjoy B-52, Tu-160 and H-6K in the MOD ! They carry large numbers of bombs and are extremely threatening and strong (HP is 20) but slow and easy to be found.


AIC mod might be the first mod to test if we could make the shit (navy battle) in vanilla better and really change a lot as listed below:

- Air carriers, Helicopter landing ship, submarine are added into the Mod to simulate blue water Navy battle in realism,

- Command units are very limited, only air carriers, Helicopter landing ship and heavy crusier could capture the zones on sea war maps. HP of these ships are increased largely ,

- The majority of navy maps are changed, the points of initial deployment zones in the map are increased,

- More than 40+ navy units are added to US, Russia, China, Taiwan, German, UK, France, South Korea, Japan and ANZAC.

- Blue nations have much more great aircrafts (similar to the realism, say 70+ F-18 and F-14 for US in one deck) while red nations have more and better crusiers, submarine and destroyers. It is a kind of ‘balance’.

- PvP Navy Battle is very exciting, recommend the map ‘Waterworld’ or ‘Atoll Inbound’ and set starting points as 3000 ~ 4000 while setting income rates higher to enjoy the game.

(PS: Total Destruction Mode is the best mode for PVP Navy Battle in AIC mod!)

-PvE Navy Battle is just OK, please use the code in the file ‘recommend navy decks’ in the MOD folder for computer to make sure AI performs better.

-E-2 Hawkeye and F/E-18 are very tough units, try to use them to find enemy’s ships and airplanes in early stages so that you could attack them first. Red nations could only borrow early warning aircraft from air tab on marine maps or use the helicopters for similar actions.

-Submarine is your Hitman 47, you could only find them by helicopters or early warning airplanes, then you could use any weapons to sink them. They are quite expensive but very fragile so please try not to be found which means do not stay in one place after attacking.

Language Support

Currently only English and Chinese

Discord Link:


With special thanks to:

-Eugen Systems

-Pok reskin Wargame Red Dragon by roman9441

-Hob & enohka who developed Modding Suite

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V1.15a Patch

V1.15a Patch


Unlock 10 VS 10 maps



Full Version 2 comments

V1.15 includes huge number of new mechanisms. And it is fully compatible with latest WG Eugen updated in Feb 2024.

V1.14e Patch

V1.14e Patch


Patch only, need V1.14D as the base.



Full Version 1 comment

New Nations Realism Land Unit Data Enhancements for China, North Korea and Russia HE Weapon Realism

BETA V1.13

BETA V1.13

Full Version 6 comments

India is playable from both side, united with US, JAP and ANZAC to form QUAD in Bluefor while united with Russia in Redfor. ROC (TAIWAN) remade

BETA V1.10

BETA V1.10

Full Version

BETA V1.10 includes a couple of updates include: New Nation, New Units and New mechanism.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 62)
Doraemon7 - - 2 comments

The recent Eugen update messed up the mod where the icons for each country and their units are changed but all skins and stats are vanilla for some reason. I tried reinstalling both the games and the mod and the issue persists. Also, thanks for the amazing content and all the work you put into this mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

This has been fixed in V1.15

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Doraemon7 - - 2 comments

Hell yeah, downloading back wargame rn

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 687,512 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

pandamayhem - - 40 comments

Is it impossible to spot those invisible like infantry units? They were getting right up to recon units and killing them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dabababooey - - 34 comments

OK so i tried the mod and it's very fun, the chaos created by the insane unbalancing created by the mod is super chaotic and very fun to screw around with, same with some of the new units
there are just a few (A LOT OF CAMPAIGN) changes i would suggest

if the modder has the ability to change out and make new nations and units, they should have the ability to fix units in campaigns. for example; i attempted to play Pearl of the Orient (THE WORST ******* CAMPAIGN EVER) and everything is going alright. i realize i get better helicopters (WAH Apaches) and i think "hmm... maybe he actually buffed us to give us a fair game!" i was completely wrong, as the chinese also get around 14 experimental J-20 fighters with 70% ECM. not fun at all...

in Climb Mount Narodnaya, the decks are all completely ****** up... a tank regiment from the Minsk Battlegroup is actually 32 nuclear bombers in disguise instead of the promised T-55AM2s, another tank batallion, instead of having more tanks (T-64s i think if i remember correctly), it had about 60 "primus" M109 howitzers for ASEAN? these aren't even russian... and dear god, the tank convoy the japanese get! 80 TYPE 10s! that's completely insane! 10 nimitz carriers for the second wave of korean ships, it's absolutely nuts...

Busan Pocket is slightly more in our favour thanks to the Thai F-5 clusterbombers we get instead of crappy F-86 that do nothing to ch'onmas other than stun them and probably force the crew to change their pants.

tl;dr the campaigns in this mod are whacked out the wazoo, i think you should balance pearl of the orient and give the British more of EVERYTHING really (and also remove the stupid anime sticker from the AH-1s for japan, it gets in the way of the cool camouflage), as well as fixing campaign units.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
mrCommunist9348 - - 70 comments

Too bad the Sandbox mod isnt compatible with the mod, but would be nice to see a submod for it although i have heard that making Red Dragons mods compatible with Sandbox is an entire months of working but i digress. Overall the mod hits the true feeling of the WG:RD Event scenarios as well the units are quite balance to my experience that is.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
iiljinskij2017 - - 5 comments

Bomb!! don't drop that mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dabababooey - - 34 comments

kinda weird seeing vietnam (U.S. aligned country that hates china) being a REDFOR faction (essentially teaming up with china)
i can see its neighbors like cambodia and laos joining forces with the big clumsy red dragon, but afaik vietnam hates china's guts as china hates vietnam's guts as well, i've talked to many vietnamese even excluding my family and family friends and they also seem to hate china.

it would be more accurate and more interesting having vietnam as a faction in BLUFOR due to their political alignment and soviet equipment being used against the red horde that made their stuff
hope you are able to make this change!!!

- someone who stumbled across this mod

p.s. i will try the mod sometime, i just have a lot of vanilla decks i spent a lot of time making and i don't want to get them corrupted or something LOL

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
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