Warcraft Total War is a total conversion mod for Medieval II Total War. Our goal is to bring the Warcraft universe into a Total War game. This mod will feature epic battles with units from the Warcraft universe and a new campaign that will cover the events of the Third War and beyond.

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The game has nice looking models, no question about it, but the campaign is so poorly done, that at points you have to wonder whether it was intentionally neglected. This is without comparison, the worst Med 2 mod when it comes to balance. I guess it might be fun if you are going for multiplayer only and the mods seem to have invested a lot of time into making so many different models, which is the sole reason why I haven't given a worse score.

The map is very poor quality (speaking as an experienced Mapper) and the UI poorly implemented in places, while some strat_models could use work, but the units are its saving grace; both interesting and varied, if not suffering from scaling issues and odd skeletal animations in places, the units are still interesting. I'd say the mod needs work and would critically benefit from a new campaign map Asap.

Worth a download, but stands to improve in a number of areas.

Official PUBLIC BETA 1.6
Honestly one of (but not THE) poorly balanced mods i have had the experience of playing.

So whats wrong with it?

Many things. First: Magic units. Who could of thought after testing these human-sized WMD's in combat think it was anywhere near acceptable to include them at their current state?
I played as Stromgarde and conquered 30+ settelments while wiping out 4-5 factions only using 8 magic units through most of it. The Ladies who throw black balls of condensed nucelar warheads (forgot their name) can essily kill whole armies of ELITE units by simply standing still and not moving with a minor anti-cav force in under a minute. Oh, and theres factions with units just like this too but even with longer range, GG.
This can be funny at first, but quickly degrades into a horribly balanced game with 0 thought required (or given) in it.
Next, the strat map. What is there to say about it that other reviews havent? Poorly made, a economy that is not thought out (recent update somewhat improved this.) Most factions starting off with near full stacks of elite units, etc. Once again, messy balance and thought.

Now that is not to say that it is all bad, the models and units are all very well made despite balance issues, the artwork is good, custom settelments are a nice addition but buggy with often poor defenses. There alot of variety in terms of factions to pick some and none really feeling completely obsolete compared to each other (because most have OP magic units.)

tl;dr, MASSIVE balance issues, poorly thought out campaign map, really good unit models and lots of untapped potential. Good to mess around a bit.

(this was constructive criticism and i hope the mod team the best of luck in the future despite all of the negative.)

Great looking units, great variety, terrible balance in stats, and the campaign map and experience is a mess. Hopefully they"ll focus more on refining what's already made rather than adding new stuff that gives the feel that the mod is patchworked. Currently mostly fun to play custom battles. If only the mod leader was less intolerant on feedback and less phlegmatic in his responses the mod could further itself greatly with much more enthusiasm and support from the community.


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Great mod love the unit models.


wypher says

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Excellent mod, it provides a very strong WC3 feeling !

I bought Medieval 2 Total War just for play this mod, because I always wanted to see Warcraft battles in an epic large scale...

I followed all the steps for installation, from moddb, the video at youtube, even I received direct instruction from the Discord channel from Mr_Nygren, he told me is a developer, I never could play the mod, it got stuck after I choose a campaign. The version of the game I use is Medieval 2 Definitive Edition from Steam, the developer told me that also work on Steam version of the game..

In abstract a totally waste of time, I don't recommend even try it at all, just a total waste of time and energy, also the instructions aren't described properly and even the developer seems don't know what is he talking about... because I told him it might be something related to Directx 9, so Mr_Nygren told me "yes Directx 9 is needed", but the vanilla campaigns such as Britania, Crusaders or Americas works all right... I reinstalled the game again and through installation never asked me to install Directx 9..

It would be better the mod do not exist at all than have a faulty piece of crap, just for creating illusions, this is worst than a crappy Early Access game..


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Great mod for any Warcraft fan.

super fun and gives me a ton of nostalgia just needs some extra unit text and unit modeling


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Amazing mod

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