Warcraft Total War is a total conversion mod for Medieval II Total War. Our goal is to bring the Warcraft universe into a Total War game. This mod will feature epic battles with units from the Warcraft universe and a new campaign that will cover the events of the Third War and beyond.

RSS Warcraft: Total War - Vrykul Crash/Human Purple po
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Place the data-folder inside of your WTW (Warcraft) folder overwriting all the files.

- Then go into your WTW/data/world/maps/base-folder and delete the .rvm-file in there.

Start the game and enjoy fighting the Vrykuls without any crash.

Issues fixed:

1. Vrykul crash when fighting them in any battle where the general had the "Drakes" custom-model.

- I've replaced the faulty entry of a dragon model with the Drake riders - they won't crash anymore!

2. Human captain portraits being purple randomly.

- I've fixed this issue, and it happened because i had only two portraits for alive captains and two for dead captains - when four for each was needed.