One of the first things you may notice in the title is that the "B" is missing from VTMB, this is not an accident. The Final Nights is an expansion to an otherwise flawless video game built upon the success of the Camarilla Edition series of mods. The "B" has been removed because this expansion can no longer bare the name Bloodlines as it is so far removed from the original game as to warrant the name change. The idea behind this expansion is, and always will be the notion of a completely new experience unlike we've seen so far. With 7 completely brand new clans, 5 new disciplines, extra quests, new NPCs, new game mechanics and new music, the features seem endless. All of this is being built upon the Camarilla Edition series incorporating such things as the blood timer system, pedestrian blood dolls, and the new combat system. Combined we feel the name Bloodlines must be removed from this game, and thus we now simply have "The Final Nights".

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News about the upcoming release date for The Final Nights 1.6 HD.

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TFN Fans,

An official release date has been chosen for Thursday, July 9th 2020. I am living in the Eastern United States time zone (GMT -4) which will allow me to release TFN Thursday night, which for some of our European cousins will be early Friday morning. Check out our new Install How-To video for a quick reference on how to install it, it's quite easy. ModDB will be hosting the site initially however, I am also working with Planet Vampire for an additional location. The file size will be approximately 1 GB in size and will include the full version.

In the meantime, enjoy our Let's Play Alpha videos as we test the new changes for TFN 1.6 HD.

Zer0Morph's Let's Play VTM The Final Nights 1.6 HD (Alpha)

Something Compass' Let's Play VTM The Final Nights 1.6 HD (Alpha)

JT Corpse's Let's Play VTM The Final Nights 1.6 HD (Alpha)


This is great news. Thank you so much for preparing such a treat for us!

Also, I'm replaying the game in celebration and I was wondering if you could clear up the mechanics of Blood Buff for me.

Does Blood Buff apply bonuses to STR, DEX, and STAM when you have already capped your physical attributes? I am assuming that 5 is the effective cap for stamina blood loss and stealth/lockpicking bonuses, but that Melee, defense from blocking and bashing soak rise to 15. If this is the case, is there an effective cap on these stats?

It's pretty confusing.

I think the cap in the plus patch is 20 and and that you can boost the stats using blood buff 3 over your physical attributes - to 8, but the cap in vanilla is 10 and so you can't use blood buff to boost your physical attributes over 5.

Thank you for any clarification.

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Zer0morph Author

Thanks Brassy!

Yeah, so in TFN we raised the cap on all feats to 20, across the board. So, in the case with Bloodbuff, you can get your STR, DEX, and STAM to 10 if you already have a 5 in those and a Bloodbuff of 5. Does that help clear up your question?

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That covers it, thanks.

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Will the new release feature a full changelog from the last update?

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Zer0morph Author

Yeah, the installer will include every change log ever included with TFN, from 1.0 all the way to 1.6. You can also get a full change log in a text file that sits in the root Vampire folder, the same folder as vampire.exe.

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