This mod aims at modifying Dawn of War 2 Retribution to portray combat in a more lore-accurate manner. Prepare to find Space Marines as powerful as the books depict them, ork hordes in their hundreds, and dozens of Guard tanks shelling into an incoming tyranid horde!

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Iviloo says

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Crashing game, sprinting terminators, flying land raiders... If that could be fixed, the mod would be awesome!

is good, should not get balanced as fluff is the beauty of it.

This is EPIC mod, contain all what i want to see in dawn of war 2.


Alphar1us says

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Simply glorious!

5/7 -Inquisition didnt expect.


best WH40k mod available.


+glorious carnage
+space marines stepping over the mass of corpses they just made
+10/10 style


8/10 would slaughter masses of xenos heretics again. 2/10 are either heretics or xenos

Great work, loads of new content and mechanics added, a lot more fun than the vanilla game, top job!

The Imperial Fists look glorious in this mod.

On an actual note, this mod returns to the DoW style from the original which I enjoy.

is gud

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