This mod aims at modifying Dawn of War 2 Retribution to portray combat in a more lore-accurate manner. Prepare to find Space Marines as powerful as the books depict them, ork hordes in their hundreds, and dozens of Guard tanks shelling into an incoming tyranid horde!

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Iviloo says

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Crashing game, sprinting terminators, flying land raiders... If that could be fixed, the mod would be awesome!

is good, should not get balanced as fluff is the beauty of it.

very good very ambitious mod. High specs required tho

This mod has a bunch of great stuff in it. I doubt their is a mod for this game the is as packed as this one. But in your attempt to make the game more lore friendly you made battle last in mere milliseconds. Now cover and positioning hardly matter because now my guardsmen who are in green cover just got rekt by ork shootas so quickly I had no time to retreat. Battles become so large the main fun of the game (micromanaging your units) impossible due to the sheer amount of units on screen and the fact that your computer is barley keeping up. I have had annihilation games where the frames would not go above 5 due how many units are in the game.

Great mod with alot of content but needs a balance overhaul due some unit just wiping units out in an instant.

The best warhammer dawn of war 2 mod


Howi83 says

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Best mod for DOW 2 Retribution

This is EPIC mod, contain all what i want to see in dawn of war 2.


Alphar1us says

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Simply glorious!

5/7 -Inquisition didnt expect.


best WH40k mod available.

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